Ask Away...: Your Guide To Planning A Wedding That Won't Cost The Earth

Monday, February 20, 2017

Your Guide To Planning A Wedding That Won't Cost The Earth

A wedding is as expensive as you make it. Some brides are happy to throw their money at it, never skimping or compromising on any aspect, from the dress to the band, and the venue to the flowers. Other brides would prefer not to spend that sort of money. Maybe they have other commitments, or they would just like to travel the world or buy their family home with that money instead. It’s all down to personal preference, but it’s far easier to spend more than less. Trying to keep costs low can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. It’s all about good planning, and maybe compromising on a couple of things too. Don’t give up trying before you give these ideas a go.

Decide what matters
For some people the wedding is all about the guests, for others it’s all about the beautiful venue or the food. When money isn’t infinite, you can’t necessarily have it all. Focus on what’s most important to you, and decide what you’re willing to let slip if you have to. Cutting out the entertainment in favor of a mixtape saves that cost. Maybe keeping the number of bridesmaids to a minimum to save on their dresses? Or perhaps you think a cheaper caterer is the way to go? Discuss what matters most between you and your future husband, and not what you think matters most to your guests.

Say goodbye to tradition
Many weddings follow a traditional pattern: snazzy wedding vehicle, beautiful church wedding, reception venue, party, honeymoon. Are all of these things important to you, or are you willing to forgo any of them? Maybe arrive at the wedding by your own car, scrap the church setting for a registry office? Or even skip the reception in favor of a cheaper party? Tradition can be expensive because traditional venues can charge the prices everyone will pay. If you wed outside the box, so to speak, you can keep costs much lower.

Shop around
Any producers who make wedding related things can charge high prices - see it as a wedding tax. But some are fairer than others, and so like with any big purchases, shopping around guarantees savings. Spend some time understanding everything from the diamond price for the engagement ring to the cost of various types of flowers. Don’t let the producers cheat you out of extra cash by being unaware of the true costs.

Keep your guest list down
Your loved ones are one of the most expensive things about a wedding, it’s sad to say. Being a little bit ruthless with the guest list is the best way to keep costs low. Decide how much your budget can allow for, and stick to it. If you’ve not seen your second cousin for a few years, don’t feel obliged to invite them - keep the wedding for people you know and love dearly. If you’ve chosen to leave someone out, like your second cousin, contact them directly and explain - most people will be perfectly understanding. You could also ask people not to bring a plus one, inviting couples separately - who needs to pay to feed their cousin’s latest fling after all?

Good luck, and happy planning!

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