Ask Away...: Baby Steps To Shaking Up Your Diet

Monday, March 20, 2017

Baby Steps To Shaking Up Your Diet

Our diets are integral to the people we are. They’re habits that we learned when we were young. And if those habits were bad, they can be difficult to shake off. We spend around an hour a day eating, and what we eat is intimately tied up in our social circumstances and our culture. Changing the habits of a lifetime can be difficult.

Some people can modify the way they eat practically overnight, deciding to ditch the sugar and the processed food and eat better every day. Other people, however, don’t feel as if they are able to take the plunge right away. Instead, they prefer a slower, more methodical approach to changing what they eat.

It’s important to note that changing your diet isn’t about going on a diet for a while. It’s about making lifestyle changes that literally last a lifetime. Here’s are some baby steps you can take to help you get started.

Start Off With Breakfast

If you want to change your lifestyle, don’t try to change every meal of every day all in one go. This will leave you feeling burned out. Instead, focus on one meal of the day to improve, like breakfast. Most people eat poorly at breakfast. They either have low-nutrient packaged cereal with milk, or they eat a couple of rounds of white bread, slathered with jam, butter or, worst of all, Nutella.

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Breakfast is actually really easy to sort out. If you like cereal in the morning, make yourself some porridge using whole rolled oats. Add some chia seeds, flax seeds, and walnuts, as well as chopped dates raisins and fresh fruit for sweetness. If you don’t think you’ve got time to make porridge in the morning, whip up some “overnight” oats the night before. The oatmeal will soak up all the liquid, giving you a hearty, bouncy meal in the morning.

If you’re a person who loves their toast, then you could try experimenting with brown bread or brown pita bread and mashed avocado. For a twist, add some cilantro to the avocado and fresh, ripe tomatoes for extra flavor.

You could also consider the pros and cons of these meal replacement shakes. Meal replacement shakes are specially formulated to make sure that you’re getting everything you need at the start of the day. Plus, they’re quick and easy - easier than your morning toast!

Get Rid Of Sugary Drinks

Public health enemy number one at the moment are sugary drinks. The government and a bunch of scientists are convinced that they are the main reason why people are putting on so much weight. According to studies, consuming sugary drinks increases your chances of obesity by more than 60 percent, thanks to the fact that they are energy dense, contain no fiber and increase fat storage in the liver. What’s more, getting rid of sugary drinks from your diet requires practically no effort. Just ignore the drinks aisle when you go to the supermarket.

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Sugary drinks might be just about the most fattening ingredient of the modern diet and a great way to taking baby steps towards a healthier you.

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