Ask Away...: Compact and Affordable Equipment for the Best Home Workout

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Compact and Affordable Equipment for the Best Home Workout

A lot of people want to work out at home because it's so convenient. You don't have to make your way to the gym or even leave the house. But one thing the gym has that your home doesn't is lots of sophisticated equipment. You probably don't have the space or money for several exercise machines. However, just because you can't set up a fancy home gym, it doesn't mean you can't get a great workout at home. There's plenty of equipment that's affordable and easy to pack away when you're not using it. Here are a few things you should add to your home gym equipment.


Your local gym might have fancy strength-training machines, but you don't need them if you want to get stronger or tone up. There are several types of weight you can use at home, and it's easy to store them somewhere out of the way. Dumbbells are some of the most versatile weights, but you can find some other options here.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are so easy to put away when you're done using them, and they're highly portable too. You can use them just about anywhere so you can take them with you when you're traveling or when you go to work. If you're looking for the best resistance bands for your purposes, you can find out more on this page. They can provide a gentle way of working out, and many come with various accessories, such as handles or bars you can attach to different things.

A Medicine Ball

A medicine ball can be a versatile piece of equipment to use. You can pick it up and move it around, throw and catch it, or hold it while you do various movements. It adds extra difficulty to exercises like squats, lunges, sit-ups and more.

Exercise Mat and Foam Roller

Flexibility is an easy thing to work on at home too, and you don't need much space to do it. A yoga mat or exercise mat provides a comfortable surface, not just for stretching but for doing other exercises too. Sometimes, you just need something between you and the floor. Other equipment can be great for stretching too, like foam rollers or inflatable exercise balls.

Pull-up Bar

If you're short on space, a pull-up bar is an excellent option because you can use it just about anywhere. They usually use a spring mechanism so you can put them in doorways so you can leave one in a doorway, and it shouldn't get in your way. Plus, it gives you the incentive to try and do a few pull-ups each time you walk through the door.

Jump Rope

You might need a little space to jump rope, but you definitely don't need much space to store the rope itself. If you can't clear a small space in your home, even temporarily, you can always go outside to use it.

Home gym equipment doesn't have to be expensive or take up a lot of space. You can easily get everything you need and fit it all in your closet.

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