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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Easy, Affordable Elegance

Creating a home that looks and feels high-end can be tough, especially when you don’t have much of a budget to throw around. However, there are many ways you can give your home a greater touch of elegance without putting a massive hole your personal finances. Here, I’ve listed some of the easiest and most affordable ways you can inject a little more elegance into your home…

Crown Molding

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Details matter when it comes to interior design, especially when it comes to making your home look high-end and custom made. One of the details you should be spending a lot of time on is the crown molding. Great crown molding has this amazing power to make a room look more complete. It will bring the ceilings and the walls together, and give them all a more elegant appearance. When this is missing from a space, it tends to make the room look unfinished or otherwise cheap. Crown molding is relatively inexpensive, especially when it comes to the plastic, paintable versions. This makes it a great thing to include in your décor project, no matter what your budget is. For the biggest impact possible, I recommend choosing the widest trim you can.

Affordable, Elegant Furniture

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When looking to redecorate on a tight budget, a lot of people think that truly beautiful pieces of furniture are simply out of reach. It’s true that the best furniture on the market doesn’t come cheap. However, buying a lot of more affordable items can easily end up costing you much more than saving up for one or two pieces from a designer store like Brosa. Aside from cheaper furniture not looking all that great, they tend to be poorly constructed, and will fall apart much sooner than pieces from a higher end brand. If you really need a few different pieces, and you want to make sure they’re elegant as possible, check out some second-hand stores, consignment shops and yard sales, as well as sites like Gumtree. It’s pretty staggering when you see the amount of gorgeous pieces people are giving away for a few bucks!

Window Treatments

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A home without proper window treatments will invariably look cheap and unfinished. Fortunately, these are one of the most budget-friendly things you can use to create a greater sense of elegance in your home, not to mention the necessity of privacy. This may sound like a pretty standard accessory, but it’s important to make smart choices. For instance, if you use unlined and flimsy materials, it will make your interior look terribly tacky, even if they’re the most expensive choice. Try to avoid any see-through materials. This doesn’t mean that you should totally avoid off-the-rack curtains. A lot of chain décor stores stock lined drapes that look expensive and elegant, but go for a very affordable price. In terms of materials, I’d go for silk, linen and cotton for maximum elegance. Polyester and other overly-synthetic fabrics never fail to look cheap. If you’re not too crazy about drapery, consider wood blinds or woven bamboo shades.

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  1. It's definitely all in the details! Love your tips.


  2. I keep telling my husband he should be so glad that I'm not into home decor or upgrades, like many of my friends. We are very frugal, and this is one area that I spend little to no money on. Now, I wouldn't mind having a fancier looking house (ours kind of looks like a dorm room right now!) if I had an eye for what to do to it.


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