Ask Away...: From Storage Space To MTV Cribs

Thursday, March 2, 2017

From Storage Space To MTV Cribs


If you close your eyes and picture your dream home, chances are it is going to have some form of luxury room, that little (or big) something extra that normal houses don’t have. That thing that makes it stand out from the crowd and makes people go wow. The problem is, that idea remains a dream. A farfetched want you know you’ll probably never get to have.

Or can you?

All too often we see a picture on Pinterest and believe we need space and money to be able to achieve that look. But what if it is just a matter of creativity, adjustments and little tweaks, and you too could have your very own luxury room.

Put it this way, so many homes have garages, and so many of these garages are used as nothing more than glorified storage cupboards, full of gardening tools and old kids toys. So why not clear it out and transform your room into your dream home improvement, and if you are unsure of your options, well, read on with a smile.

The Library
Ever since The Beauty & The Beast shot onto cinema screens around the world, and we saw the Beast introduce Belle to his library for the first time, people have wanted to emulate that sophisticated room of peace and quiet. And what better chance have you got than to transform your garage into a room of overflowing bookcases. You can imagine it now, floor to ceiling bookcases, old leather furniture, an oak table and French doors that look out over your porch and onto your garden. It could be the ultimate oasis for lazy weekends.

The Home Cinema
Every single person on the planet has envisaged themselves owning a home cinema at some stage in their lives. Some many have even discussed with their partners, getting overly excited by the falling price of projectors, and picking up old chairs on eBay. Well, why not save yourself all the talk and all the hassle and speak to a home theater installation professional, get a quote and get them to come in and transform your old wasted space. Let them take on all the hard graft and complex installation while you pop off to collect all your old DVDs from the attic and a 1950s popcorn machine from your local pawn shop.

The Playroom
We’re not talking about a room with dark gray carpets and a few toys in the corner. No. We’re talking about serious parenting points through the installation of a mad soft play area. Ball pits, slides, climbing frames, zip lines, obstacle courses, hideaway spots and more. The bigger your garage the better, and what better way to enjoy yourself is there than to see your kid beaming with delights. What’s more, this will benefit you because, well, it will stop them treating the rest of the house as their play place.

The Bar
It’s a room usually reserved for the rich, famous and hotel owners, but if you have space then why not be the envy of all your friends and the hub of attention by installing a fully working bar in your old garage. We’re talking oak bar, beer taps, spirit bottles, a jukebox machine, disco lights and a smoke machine. Be as cliched as you want, because you can.

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