Ask Away...: Keeping Your Wedding Guests Happy

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Keeping Your Wedding Guests Happy

When you are planning for your wedding, you are likely to be simultaneously very stressed out and very excited, and this yo yo of emotions can often mean that the best decisions are not always made. It helps in this case to focus on the priorities, and to do that you of course need to know what the priorities are. Most people would agree that the guests themselves are among the most important part of the wedding, and keeping them happy is likely to be one of your major concerns along the way. As long as you are focusing on them, you should find that you tend to make the right decisions overall. Let’s take a look at a few of the things you should focus on most keenly if you want to keep your guests happy.


Most of the magic happens actually long before the day itself, and the invitations are a great example of somewhere where it really pays to pay a lot of attention. As long as you are working hard on the invites, you can be sure that the overall effect will be marvellous enough to really wow your guests. You should make a special effort to design the invitations so that they are personal to each guest, and give a taster of what is to come on the big day.

Thank You Cards

Just as important as before the event is after it: if you forget to send out thank you cards, it is likely that there are many people who would not forgive you in a hurry. The quality of these thank you cards is also hugely important, as if you really go out of your way on these it will show how grateful you are, and your guests are bound to really appreciate that. The best way here is to use personalised wedding thank you cards, so that each and every one of your guests feels significantly more cared for than they would otherwise.


Just as vital as these, of course, are the favors, and you will probably want to make sure that you spend a decent amount of time working on those too. Ideally, you want favors which are as original and unique as possible, and as with the previous two items, you should try your best to personalise these as well. If you do that, people will be much more likely to leave your big day feeling delighted to have been a part of it, and that is exactly what you are going for. Try to go for favors which are likely to be appreciated by all. This will ensure that you don’t upset or annoy anyone by giving them a gift they don’t appreciate.

Food & Drink

It goes without saying that the food is a hugely important part of the day, so make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep it as professional as possible. Give everyone an option, even if it is merely between two or three dishes, and most of all make sure you remember any special dietary requirements your guests might have.

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