Ask Away...: Kick That Back Pain Out Of Your Life

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kick That Back Pain Out Of Your Life

80% of Americans suffer from lower back pain at a time or another of their lives. While there are a variety of reasons for it, most of the time, poorly managed back pain turns into chronic pain. And that is nothing that you want to experience. Back pain is one of the most common types of pain: Whether it is caused by a brutal movement, by carrying a heavy burden, by holding yourself in an uncomfortable position, or simply by a fall, it’s a pain that you have probably experienced in the past. But there’s nothing that forces you to continue to experience it. Here are some of the best pieces of advice to get rid of your back pain for good.

A Real Good  Night Sleep

As surprising as it might sound, the most common cause of back pain is a bad night sleep. Too many people go to bed still stressed out, or on a full stomach for example. How do you expect to have a good rest in those conditions? Additionally, it’s not uncommon for households to stick to their old bed gear for far too long. Have a check for the best mattresses for back pain from, to find out more about the type of mattress that you need. But to make things clear and easy, if your mattress is over eight years of age, or if it feels too soft or too hard, then you need to change it. An ill-fitted mattress for your body type is the primary reason for your back pain in the morning!

Don’t Stay Inactive

Everybody has at least experienced back pain once. It’s not fun, and most people would prefer to lie down and stop moving until it goes away. Unfortunately, your back pain is generally caused by a pain in your muscles. As a result, it’s helpful to know some stretching exercises to help your lower back muscle go back into alignment and rest. You will also find plenty of soft core workouts that are designed to develop your back strength and reduce the potential for future pain.

How Do You Hold Yourself?

If you work in an office, you are probably used to spend several hours sitting every day. Believe it or not, but sitting is not a natural position for the human body. You need to take a few steps regularly to stretch your muscles and go back to a better posture. A healthy posture when sitting and when walking is to keep your back straight without forcing on it. The more tensions you create, by arching your back or by keeping it round, the more pain you are likely to experience in the long term.

Don’t Stay On Your Own

Finally, it can happen that back pain doesn’t go on its own. There are many reasons for pain in the lower back, and while the most common are muscular and therefore without danger, some can be more serious. Indeed, if you find that your back pain is not improving, you should consult a doctor to check for the underlying cause. Pain can hide something serious such as a broken disk or an infection. It’s important to make sure that you are still taking the best care of your health, even if you think it’s only a case of lower back pain.

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