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Friday, March 31, 2017

Protect Your Home During Summer

We all love summer. After all, it means longer days and time in the outdoors. And it also means we get to work on our tan. Everyone always seems cheerier during the summer months with their vacations just around the corner. But while there are a ton of benefits to the wonderful season, it’s not all good news. For one thing, summer means more sleepless nights as you try and get kip in the hot weather. Also, being outside in the sun for too long can mean burnt skin. And you can be at risk of skin cancer if you are not lathered up properly before heading in the sun. And while there are some pitfalls for you during the summer months, there are also some downfalls to your home during the warm season. And without proper prevention, you could end up with damage to your property. In fact, here are some ways you can protect your home during summer.

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The UV rays can damage your furniture

While we love the sun, it’s not so friendly to our furniture. In fact, the UV rays from the sun can cause significant damage to the furniture inside and outside of our home. For furniture inside the property, the UV rays can easily come through your window and damage items like chairs and sofas. In fact, you might notice your wood furniture can lose color and start to degrade if it’s in full view of the sun. And leather sofas can also be damaged in the sunlight. Therefore, to ensure it doesn’t get ruined in the sunshine, you need to position it away from the window. Pick an area of the room which gets less sunlight during the day. That way, the damage will be minimal to your furniture. Also, you need to get some good blinds or shutters for your windows. That way, you can adjust these in the day to stop the UV rays getting in your home. And as well as protecting your furniture, stopping the sunlight getting in can also prevent damage to your electronic items. After all, computers and TVs can easily overheat if they are in direct sunlight. As for your outdoor furniture, it’s so important to make sure they have some shade to stop them getting ruined in the sunlight. After all, it’s so easy for wood furniture to fade due to the sun. For one thing, you can get some sealant which you can use on the furniture. It not only protects it from the sun but it also stops rain damaging it too. And this coating can also be used on your shed roof too. Also, position outdoor furniture underneath a shaded porch. That way, it won’t get ruined by the sunlight. And it also offers you a shaded place away from the sunlight too while outside!


You are more likely to experience pests

As much as summer can be a great season, it can be frustrating when the bugs arrive. After all, there are a wealth of pests around like ants, wasps, and mosquitos during the summer months. And the worst thing about them is they are likely to be in your home during the hot weather. And a lot of the time, you don’t even know how they got into your property. Ants can easily find holes which can provide an entrance into your property. While bugs like mosquitos and wasps can get in through open windows. As for fleas, these can be carried in by the family pet. After all, they are a lot more common during the summer months. And once they get into your home, it’s a nightmare for your family. For one thing, they can bite and inflame your skin. As for your house, they can damage the structure and make it unsanitary. And it can be a challenge to rid them from your home. For a lot of people, they have to resort to calling an exterminator to get them removed from the home to stop further damage. To hunt one down, you can look at pest control reviews. That way, you can be assured they are reliable, and the pests won’t return anytime soon. Also, there are a few other things you can do to stop them making an appearance during summer. For one thing, you can get some insect shades for windows. That way, you can have the windows open to let some air into your home without them entering your home. Also, make sure that your pet has flea preventive during the summer months. That way, it will stop the fleas invading your home this summer!

The home can feel like a heater

As much as I love the sun, it can become unbearable when the weather does get too hot. In fact, you can struggle to keep cool inside your home. In fact, the house can start to feel like a giant heater during the summer months. And then it can affect your items like your furniture and your electronic items if the house gets too hot. It also means you will have to resort to using your air conditioner a lot during the summer months. And while this is good for keeping you cool, there are some downfalls. For one thing, it can affect the humidity in your home. And it can cause airborne dust and fungi which can affect your breathing. Also, if the humidity levels are poor, you might start suffering from problems like damp and mold in your home. Therefore, try and find other ways to keep your home cool. For example, use blinds to stop the sun getting in and heating your home. And let air in through your windows instead of relying on the A/C! That way, your home will be less of a heater during the summer months
The hot sun can cause problems for your roof

Our roof might be the last thing on our mind during the summer months. But it’s actually something we need to keep a close eye on during the hot season. After all, you might be surprised to know that the heat can do a wealth of damage to the roof. For one thing, the prolonged sun can cause cracks or curling of shingles. In fact, a lot of people look up and notice they have damaged shingles which is down to the sun. And these can then cause a leak in your property if you are not careful. In fact, you might end up calling a roofer to fix it quickly to prevent further water damage. And the color of your roof can also change by the hot UV rays of the sun. To prevent damage to your roof during the summer months, you should get a roofing company to come out after spring. They can maintain the roof so that it’s ready for the summer months. And they can stop problems in their tracks before they become more costly. Also, they can also apply some kind of roof coating. After all, this works as a sunblock to stop heat related damage to your roof! And that way, you can have a good roof for longer!

The thunderstorms can damage the home’s structure

After there have been a few days of extremely hot weather during the summer season, there is typically a thunderstorm. And while it can be a blessing to get rid of the hot heat for a few hours, it can put your home at risk. In fact, millions of damage can occur to properties due to thunderstorms every year. Everything from water damage to structure problems can occur due to the storm. Therefore, to protect your home, make sure you get your home maintained before the thunderstorms arrive. That way, they can check the foundation and the roof to ensure they are in good condition before a storm hits. You should also make sure things like your windows are shut tight before a storm arrives too. That way, no water can enter your home. And make sure you trim trees in your front and back garden. And ensure they are in a sturdy condition. After all, you don’t want them falling on your property during a storm which can damage the structure! And make sure you have valid home insurance to protect your home before summer arrives. That way, if you do encounter any problems, you can claim on this and get it sorted quickly. After all, it can be a nightmare if the funds have to come from your own pocket.

And your home is at higher risk of break-ins during the summer months. After all, you are more likely to have windows and doors open in the heat. And an intruder could easily enter your home without you knowing while you are in the back garden. Therefore, make sure you put locks on your windows so that they can only be pushed open so far. And keep your front door locked while you are in the back garden. Also, installing a burglar alarm will alert you if anyone does try and get into your home!

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