Ask Away...: Show The Light Behind Your Eyes

Monday, March 20, 2017

Show The Light Behind Your Eyes

Do you envy the eyes of your friends? Perhaps they have those aqua blues that shine bright and pierce the soul? Or maybe, they have pools of swirled melted chocolate with a hint of tangy orange that guys can’t resist? Although to be honest, their eyes are probably not that amazing. They might just know how to accentuate them effectively, and there are a few little tricks you can use to do this. Uncover these techniques, and you’ll see that you don’t need to be blessed with natural greatness to have eyes that pop magnificently.

Erase The Distractions

People won’t look in your eyes if there are other parts of your face that are distracting. They might make your eyes look smaller, take the brightness away or give them a sunken appearance. One of the worst problems is a water build up underneath the eyes. You’ll usually find you get this in the early hours or the morning, particularly if you’ve had a restless night of sleep. There’s an easy way to get rid of it, though. Just put an ice pack over your eyes for five minutes. This will quickly deteriorate that built up moisture and make your face look fresh.

Or, if you constantly find you have heavy bags you can try changing your diet. A little celery will soak that moisture right up.

Draw Attention

One of the best ways to make your eyes stand out is by ensuring that they have the right border around them. We are of course talking about your eyelashes here. Similar to having thicker hair, thick eyelashes are always seen as a feature of beauty. So, try some simple techniques to make them look thicker and fuller lashes. One such technique would be to curl your lashes to make them look longer. According to, there are some great heat curlers on the market for you to choose from. So, you don’t have to fidget with manual curlers to get the perfect look.

Turn To The light Side

When you think of eyeliner, you probably think of a thick dark line to bring attention to the light behind your eyes. But, if you want to bring out darker eyes, you should consider using a touch of white liner. You can find some on This can really make your eyes pop particularly if you think they look a little plain and dull.

Add A Little More Shadow

We all know that eyeshadow brings a little more attention to your eyes and makes people search for the colors underneath. But what about giving a touch more shade to that shadow to make sure you slay? You can do this by applying the shadow with a warm brush that’s been made a little damp. This will make the color of the shadow look more intense and as such create a stunning final effect.

What do you think of these little tricks? Since they’re recommended by beauty professionals, they’re sure to work a treat and make sure all eyes are on yours.

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