Ask Away...: The Dog Do's!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Dog Do's!

So, you’re thinking about getting a dog? Welcome to the club. There’s a reason dogs have been dubbed as ‘man’s best friend.' But, you know that already, right? Of course, getting a dog is no walk in the park, so it’s good you’re taking your time over the decision. Even so, it’s a no brainer! Dogs can improve your life in all manner of ways. If you don’t think you have the time to give to a four-legged companion, now may not be your time. If you know you could give your dog the love they need, it’s time to get started, here are a few of the reasons you need a dog in your life!


The most obvious benefit is the companionship you could get from your pooch. People come and go, children grow up and move away, but dogs are there for the long haul! That’s why it’s so important you take your time over the decision. Dogs are a big commitment. But, nothing beats the comfort of knowing that your pooch will be by your side for years to come. The long-term benefits aside, your dog will find a way to your heart in no time. There’s no denying that they’ll be your best friend! The house will never seem empty again when you’ve got a pup around the place.


Any pet is satisfying, but none more so than dogs. Why? Because dogs make you feel appreciated! They get excited when you come home. They’re one of the few pets that gives back the amount of love they receive. Plus, it's satisfying to know you’ve given a dog a good home. You can keep them safe, loved, and happy! If you want to increase your levels of satisfaction, look into rescuing an unwanted dog. Knowing you gave a dog its forever home will be an amazing feeling!


As well as the obvious benefits, a dog can bring some unexpected things into your life. As K9 Dog Magazine's Interview with Simona Fusco proves, a dog can bring another type of love into your life, too! Many couples meet while walking dogs. Your pooches will be a fantastic talking point. Plus, you can guarantee a guy with a dog has a good heart! So, make sure to take your dog for plenty of long walks. You never know who you might bump into!


If nothing else has convinced you, the health benefits should do the trick! Obviously, going for more walks will improve your health straight away. But, dog ownership has also been proven to lower blood pressure and stress levels. Some dogs can even sniff out serious health problems that you may not have known about otherwise. And, of course, dogs do wonders for your mental health. They give you a reason to stay strong. They’re also fantastic at cheering you up when you’ve had a bad day. Every dog owner knows about their pet’s uncanny ability to sense their sadness!

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  1. I can't imagine my home without a dog in it, even if they do torture me at times to go out a billion times a day!

    1. totally agree. i cant even bare the thought of not having my pups


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