Ask Away...: This Is How You Wow Your Man On His Birthday

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

This Is How You Wow Your Man On His Birthday

If your partner’s birthday is coming up, then you no doubt want to make them feel like the most special person in the world. Birthdays only come around once a year, so it only makes sense to treat them and ensure they feel extra special for the whole day! So, how can you make sure you do this? Here are some ideas that you can try:

Throw Him A Surprise Party
If this a milestone birthday, you could potentially throw your man a surprise party. Even if it isn’t a milestone birthday, you can do it just because! You’ll need to put on your best acting skills so that he doesn’t click on. Sometimes, people who throw surprise parties make it glaringly obvious that that’s what’s going on. You need to find a way to get all of the important people there, without having anybody blab the news to the birthday boy. If somebody is prone to do this, then it might be best not to tell them and get somebody else to ask them to keep it free instead, so that they can come without spilling the beans.

The ins and outs of the surprise party are up to you. It could be at a restaurant, a bowling alley, or your house. Make sure you consider what your man will like the most and start planning!


Buy An Extra Special Gift
Buying a special gift will definitely wow your man. Of course birthdays aren’t all about gifts, but they can definitely enhance an already brilliant day. The key to buying something special is to be extra thoughtful. Is there anything he loves or would love? What are his interests? Is there anything that can help him to expand on his interests? You can look at a list of the best gifts for men to help you think of a great gift. You’re bound to find something, but if not it could be time to brainstorm and see what you can come up with.

Make Him Something
If you have a talent in a certain area, you could always make your man something. Maybe you could even learn how to make something especially for this occasion! There are all kinds of things you can do, from sewing pretty pictures to painting. You could even make something cool out of clay. He will appreciate that you actually sat down and took the time to make him something, rather than just go to the store and buy something. Anybody can buy something, but it takes somebody truly thoughtful to make something.

Give Him A Gift Every Hour
If you want to make every hour feel special, then don’t give him everything at once. Give him a gift every hour! These can be really small gifts if you’re on a budget. They don’t need to be substantial to make him feel special and dedicate a whole day to him!


Take Him Somewhere Special
You could always take your man somewhere special. What constitutes as special will depend on your budget, how much time you have, and whether this is a milestone birthday. You could both have a wonderful time at a special restaurant. You could spend the weekend exploring a city that you’ve always wanted to visit. You could even take him away to another country for a weekend, or even a week! Gifts that allow you to explore and actually do things rather than just have things are amazing. Travel is one of the only things that makes us richer!

Let Him Decide What He Wants To Do
You could always let your man decide what he wants to do, if you think he would like that. Don’t just take this as the easy way out. If your man is indecisive as it is, or pretty rubbish at coming up with ideas, then this job is best left for you. However, if he’s good at it, then you could give him a pad and paper and allow him to plan out your whole day.

Be Super Thoughtful
The key to wowing your man on his birthday is to be super thoughtful. There are so many little things you can do that will help to make the day extra special. You could blow up some balloons and decorate a room in the house. You could arrange a Skype call with a family member that lives far away. You could even wear a perfume that he really likes on you! Doing all of these little things for him will show him how much you care and make him feel amazing on his birthday.

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  1. You always have such informative posts on your site, Ellen! Am I guessing your sweetie had a special day this weekend?

  2. I've never seen this tag before, I love it! Girl your answers are exactly the same as mine would be! xx You will like to see more fashion from here.


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