Ask Away...: Tips to Help You Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tips to Help You Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

Heat is one of the biggest problems we face in summer. The sun beams down on our homes for longer stretches of time each day, heating up our houses and forcing us to crank up the air conditioning or open the windows wide to let as much air in as possible so we don’t suffocate.

Since we’re saying goodbye to spring soon, it makes sense to refresh our homes and get ready for the hottest time of the year, summer. Preparing your home for the blazing heat isn’t difficult, but if you’re sick of using up money on your air conditioning and want alternate ways to stay cool, then here are a couple of fantastic tips you can follow.

Keep the sun out

The sun is going to be the main factor that determines how hot your home is. If you keep your blinds closed or get window film tinting installed into your home, then you can effectively reduce the amount of heat from the sun which will ultimately reduce the temperature inside your house. You also need to be smart about which doors you open and close. For instance, if one part of your home is in the shade for the majority of the day, then you want to work in that room if possible because it will be nice and cool. However, if you keep all the doors open, then a lot of the hot air from rooms that are baking in the sun will slowly travel over to the cooler parts of your house and heat them up.

Maintain your own temperature

One of the things that many people don’t realise is that your body has to stay cool in order for you to keep cool. You can’t just rely on air conditioning or a fan to lower your body temperature, so invest in a drinks cooler or something similar which can keep your favourite beverages chilled for when you need to cool down. If your fridge doesn’t have an ice dispenser, then invest in a silicon ice tray and add a few ice cubes to your drinks whenever you feel the heat creeping up on you.

Embrace the night

During the night, your home and the surrounding area are going to be considerably cooler. This is the perfect opportunity to open up the windows and let some cool air in. However, you want to make sure you’re not letting pests or insects in, so you should invest in an insect mesh screen to prevent things like moths and flies from invading your home due to the bright lights.

Cook smart

When you use things like your oven, you’re going to be heating up your kitchen and thus, heating up your home. These appliances generate a lot of heat, and if you open up the oven door to reveal your food, you’re also going to let all that hot air travel around your kitchen and spread to other parts of your house. To remedy this, consider throwing a couple more barbeques than you’re used to. This is an excellent excuse to invite friends and family over to socialise and eat some delicious grilled food.

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