Ask Away...: 4 Ways to Prevent Your Night out From Going Horribly Wrong

Thursday, April 6, 2017

4 Ways to Prevent Your Night out From Going Horribly Wrong

Going out with friends is a fantastic way to wind down after a busy week. Whether it’s going out for a meal with our family, hitting the club with a few friends, or just a stroll around town with a few of your work colleagues, there are plenty of ways to relax your mind and muscles. However, a night out can easily go horribly wrong if you let yourself go a little too much. So we’ve devised four simple steps to ensure that your night out is a memorable one, not a stressful one that puts you off the idea of ever going out again.

#1 Cut down on the bad stuff

We all love a good drink now and then. It helps to relax our minds and even gives us a good night sleep. However, it’s easy to cross the line and drink a little too much. Alcohol is one of the things that you want to give up, but find it hard to do so when your friends invite you out for the night. We drink it for social reasons, so it’s only normal to indulge a little on a Friday. However, you should never drink too much of the stuff. Limit yourself and practice discipline when you go out. Don’t be swayed by friends, and absolutely don’t listen to strange people you’ve met at the club.

#2 Plan your travel arrangements

The last thing you want is to end up in a car crash because you thought you could drive while under the influence. The next thing you know, you’ll be looking for a free phone consultation with a car accident lawyer because not only are you completely out of cash from drinking too much, but you’ve also just wrecked your car and injured yourself. Let’s avoid this completely by arranging travel beforehand. Whether it’s a late night Uber, a designated driver that has to stay sober for the night, or even sleeping arrangements to stay over at a nearby friend’s house, make sure you’re taking this into considerations.

#3 Charge your phone and take a portable battery

Having a dead phone is useless. If you’re in an emergency then you need your phone. If you’re going out with friends and meeting them, then you also need your phone to contact them. If you’re driving or travelling in an area you’re not familiar with, you need your phone’s map. Don’t be that person that takes their phone out at 20% battery and complains that phones eat too much power. Make sure you fully charge your phone before heading out and carry a spare battery or portable battery bank with you.

#4 An extra pair of shoes

This one’s a nice little lifehack. If you’re going to dress up in fancy clothes and go out with a pair of heels, then carry some comfortable shoes and maybe even a spare pair of socks in your bag. Your feet are going to be sore, you might trip up on your heels while you’re tipsy, and many more accidents can happen. Avoid this completely and take a spare pair of shoes—you’ll be surprised at how helpful they can be!

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