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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Aging Obviously

If you were to hear the term “anti-aging”, what would spring to mind?

It’s probably the same thing that most women would think: skincare! That’s what anti-aging is all about when it comes to your beauty regime, and that thought process tends to follow through to the point you assume everything anti-aging must mean facial skincare. It’s something women of a certain age fret about to the point it becomes instinctive.

There’s Just One Problem With That, Though…

Your facial skin is not the only part of your body that’s going to betray your age!

If you ever reach the point where you decide you’re going to be turning 39 for the sixth year in a row, then of course, taking care of your facial skincare is an essential part of pulling that off.

The major mistake that many women make is that while that’s important, it’s not the only way in which your body can betray your words. If you really want to stop the clock (and maybe even turn the hands back a little), then you’re going to have to investigate beyond your face…

Neck Nightmares!

Your neck isn’t really an area you think about often, is it? It’s just there, connecting your chest to your head. Unless you’re draping a necklace round it, you probably largely take it for granted and ignore it.

That a problem, as your neck can be one of the first areas of your body to show signs of aging. We’ve all seen examples of the infamous “turkey neck” look, where loose folds of skin gather and hang unattractively down. It’s therefore imperative to develop and sustain a habit for neck exercises to deal with the underlying structure and look for useful creams to help with the surface texture.

Décolletage & Chest Distress!

Moving down the body, the next stop is your décolletage and upper chest area. This area is often visible, especially if you’re wearing strappy tops or don’t do the top button of a shirt up (which no one does, let’s be realistic).

To keep the area stable, then the first step in your arsenal is a good, supportive bra. A shocking number of women are wearing the wrong size bra; it’s estimated to be as high as 80%. So if you’ve not had your breasts measured by a professional in the past five years, then you need to update and make sure you’re wearing the right one.

With the support in place, you have a few options when it comes to figuring out how to tighten your chest skin and improve the appearance of your décolletage. You can use topical creams, massage, and even a few chest-specific exercises won’t go amiss when it comes to toning.

Handy Horror!

Finally, your hands and nails.

Your nails may in fact bear the brunt of the aging process. This is because of how body chemistry changes as we age, impacting the nails through the loss of collagen. You might associate collagen with keeping your face plump and smooth, but its presence is also essential for healthy nails.

You can supplement collagen to help tackle the problem, but a good nail care routine is useful too. You can strengthen nails using special polishes, while regular filing will help prevent splitting or bending. And don’t forget, a splash of nail polish in a vivid color looks great at any age.

As for your hands, there are many ways in which they can show your years - and they’re difficult to conceal with clothes the way you can with neck and décolletage concerns. Well, unless you want to wear gloves all year round - which is not exactly practical!

Not only does the skin on your hands and finger wrinkle as you are, but you can also suffer from discoloration spots. Commonly known as liver or age spots, these are brown circles which are a result of years of sun exposure. That’s why the first step to preventing them is with a high-factor SPF, worn every time you step outdoors during the daytime. Sound extreme, especially if it’s cloudy? It’s really not, as even when it’s not directly shining on you the sun can have a detrimental effect on skin. Most good hand creams will include an SPF, so use them liberally.

If you have existing liver spots, then they are not a cause for concern beyond the aesthetic implications. If they grow rapidly or become painful then check with a doctor, but otherwise, treat them as you would any skin blemish. If you find them particularly unsightly, then lightening creams are a good starting point to try and rid yourself of them for good.

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