Ask Away...: Cashing In Your Microchips! Using Your Computer To Earn Extra Money

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cashing In Your Microchips! Using Your Computer To Earn Extra Money

The computer, where would we be without it now? It seems that it wasn’t so long ago that we could get along just fine without the metal box, but it has become an essential part of our lives. And while some people still view it as a way to get Facebook, it is very helpful to people that need to earn a bit of extra money. So many parents, or students, or anyone looking for an extra income scour the job pages to get a job on top of their existing one, but luckily there are options for working from the comfort of your own home, and all you require is an internet connection!

Survey Taker
So many companies pay for people to take surveys, that it’s a perfect addition to your income when you only have a certain amount of time to spare. Many survey companies pay a specific amount per survey and seeing as they don’t take long to complete (each one can vary, but it is on average about 5 minutes), they also don’t require a lot of attention! It is a perfect way to earn money if you have a busy/noisy household!

You can register online for transcriber companies. You are sent audio files of meetings, focus groups, or hearings, and you need to transcribe them to a high standard for future reference. While there is a way to do these in your spare time, they are likely to be done to a deadline, so you may only have 24 hours to complete a file, for example. It helps if you have great hearing and a decent pair of headphones. Depending on the quality of the audio recording, you may have a difficult time transcribing. This is one for people who are very nimble with their fingers!  

A slow burner here, but if you have experience in writing, many blogs and websites accept submissions. Some pay and some do not. Plus, if you get enough experience, you could set up your own. A lot of bloggers get some money for promotional materials, but this is when they are set up and established. If it does interest you, there are online guides, such as How to Start a Blog: The Complete Guide From Start to Finish, which can give you handy pointers. If you can get into blogging, you can easily start to build up work as a freelancer, and it will be a really useful money-spinner. Some sites pay based on the amount of views or shares it gets, so if you have the knack for writing about current trends, you could earn quite a bit of money.

Data Entry
A lot of companies require people to do certain administrative tasks, from transcribing voice commands to inputting data. Again, depending on the company, you are able to do it on your own time, and you get paid based on the amount of information you input or data you transcribe. You can get paid via PayPal, and some companies pay weekly, while some pay monthly.

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