Ask Away...: Home Interiors For Beginners

Monday, April 10, 2017

Home Interiors For Beginners

Are you itching to turn your home around, but have no idea where to start? You're not alone. Plenty of people know vaguely what they want their dream home to look like, but executing it can often be a whole other matter entirely. Sometimes, if you start out totally clueless, you can end up going in completely the wrong direction with home, and it ends up looking worse than it did when you first started. No one wants this, especially as home interiors don't always come cheap. Here are a few hints and tips on how to start out in interior design as a complete novice, and how you can pull off the home of your dreams.

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Go with your gut instinct

If you already have an interest in interior design, you are probably pretty familiar with some of the recent trends that have graced the pages of magazines and the boards of Pinterest. Industrial chic, modern classical and minimalist styles have been everywhere, and everyone from high street stores to famous designers has been jumping on the bandwagons. When these types of styles are everywhere you go, it can be very easy to become influenced by them. But before you dive in headfirst and buy all your decor in rose gold, simply because it's in fashion at the moment, step back and evaluate your decision first. ARE you just buying it because it's on trend, or do you actually like it, and can see yourself living with it in your home for 3+ years? The last thing you want is to do a major upheaval in your home with the latest trend, only to then find that it's not actually to your personal taste. Instead, spend some time looking around at various interior trends and styles to see what captures your attention. If it's not on trend at the moment, it doesn't necessarily matter. What matters is that you like it and that it makes you feel good - after all, it is you who lives in your home!

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Don't be afraid to ask for help

Interior design is about way more than buying a few scatter cushions and giving your walls a lick of paint. If you have been feeling disheartened with your home's decor for some time and have tried to turn it around to no avail, it could be worth enlisting the help of an interior design service. Usually, with this kind of service, you will have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas with them, and they will help you put a plan in place to bring your concept to life. It can also be useful if DIY is not your strong point, as often these service providers are also experts in upholstery, flooring and many other internal projects. Remember that these people have years of experience and understand what works and what doesn't when it comes to home interiors. So, if you do have an ambitious idea shut down by them, do try to bear in mind that it is simply them being realistic! Home structure and safety is still a huge issue when it comes to home interiors, so trust these companies with what they tell you. When you are a complete beginner, this kind of help is invaluable and can fast-track you to the home you always wanted.

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Stay practical

Sure, the visual style of your home is very important, as it can impact how you feel and how relaxed you feel in there. Additionally, paying too much attention to style over substance can lead to an interior design disaster. For example, maybe you bought an incredibly expensive gilded dining table, not taking into account the fact that you have children and they have soon got their dirty finger marks all over it. Or perhaps you have gone overboard with a fancy art piece that looked great in the store, but now you've got it home you're not too sure about how it looks in real life. Even though interior design is all about expressing yourself, don't feel overly pressured to push yourself out of your comfort zone. No one is forcing you to get a mural painted on your wall, or to have a spiral staircase installed, after all! Bear in mind what you need from your home regarding functionality, and then consider design as a secondary factor. This way, you can have a home that works around you, and one you can be proud of as well.

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