Ask Away...: Love Your Partner; Love Their Oddities

Monday, April 10, 2017

Love Your Partner; Love Their Oddities

Whenever we love someone, we will usually overlook a lot in order to make them happy. We’ll put up with their snoring, we’ll cook food that we find disgusting but they love. We’ll even offer them the last cookie, although we’ll be hoping deep down that they say: “no you have it!”

In short: we try to put their needs above our own.

However, because we’re human, even when we worship the ground someone walks on (so to speak) - they will occasionally mystify us. There will be something about them we just plain don’t get. That’s fine - 100% compatibility sounds 100% boring, but it’s important to realize something else. Without that one thing, they wouldn’t be them - so maybe it’s worth tolerating after all, perhaps even going to the point of encouraging it.

As often as not, this 1% will be an interest they have that you don’t share. You don’t have to actively share it to be a perfect partner; but you have to realize it’s important to them and be supportive about it.

Help! My Partner Is A Grease Monkey

If your garage is currently home to an old car that doesn’t run, chances are your partner has big plans for it. You’ll likely have heard those plans in detail (but you can’t remember what they are). Something about a faulty exhaust manifold, or do something to the pistons…? You tuned out.

Look, you may doubt that they will ever get it moving again - but some people have a desire to make something broken work like new again. It’s a passion. It’s not one you have to share, but you should be on hand with oily rags and encouraging smiles when they’re needed. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta be indulgent.

Help! My Partner Thinks They’re John Lennon

As Madonna once sang, music makes the people come together. Of course, for many couples, this isn’t strictly true. You like the blues and they like folk. You love a dancefloor banger and they’re more of a rocker. And then they get an idea about starting their own band - and your interests separate off a cliff.

You suddenly have visions of them being booed off stage at a local open mic night, but they just want to make music. One of the main barriers to a good relationship is when one partner thinks the other is standing in their way. So, if they want to be Jack Johnson, then show support by reading ukulele reviews and buying them one for their birthday - or whatever instrument they have set themselves up to master. Go to their gigs, smile along proudly, and eventually you might even enjoy it.

Either that or they will eventually exhaust the impulse out of their system. Win/win!

Help! My Partner Shouts At Sports On TV

Gone are the days when one half of a couple would watch the game, beer in hand, while their partner got dinner ready. However, there are still many couples where one partner… well… let’s say “gets a little more involved” than the other.

The truth is, many people fancy themselves as experts on a sport and are determined to show it. Shushing them is not an option. Instead, ask them innocently what the people onscreen are doing wrong. This way - in a win/win situation - they get to exhibit their knowledge without sounding like they’re about to smash something.

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  1. Love this guide!! So true.



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