Ask Away...: Moms: Don't Feel Guilty About Relaxing!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Moms: Don't Feel Guilty About Relaxing!

Being a parent is hard. Yes, that is a pretty clich├ęd way to start an article, and it is a statement of the obvious. But it needs to be emphasized, even if you feel that it needn’t be pointed out anymore. Because I don’t think people really appreciate the difficulty of parenting, especially if you’re juggling a job along with that responsibility.

What makes me say that? It could be that a lot of parents feel a bit guilty about taking a break, or even about needing to take a break. A lot of moms feel as though they’re supposed to be these absolute machines; indefatigable, unable to be broken, always ready to go, never on the verge of some sort of breakdown… right?

This isn’t the reality, though. Sure, there are some rare people out there who really do seem to keep it all together in such hectic circumstances. But most parents are going to need a break from time to time - otherwise, the accumulated stress is going to do damage to your mental and physical health.

So here are some tips for moms (and dads!) who are feeling overworked and exhausted. Don’t feel guilty about relaxing: just do it!

“Me” time

When the kids have gone to bed, there’s probably a strong temptation to hit the hay yourself, or to completely zone out in front of the television. While these certainly do shut your brain off, they don’t really give you a sense of having spent any time on yourself. You need to think about putting more focus on that time between the kids’ bedtime and your own, because it’s the best time for you to do something you really want to do. Got a book you need to finish? Lie back and start reading. Want to work on an art project? Now’s the time.

Getting social

Spending time with friends is one of the best ways to relax and defeat stress there is, but it’s something that a lot of parents neglect to do. In fact, it’s something that most people neglect to do as they get older! It’s important to find time to hang out with friends. Even if you can’t leave the house because you need to look after your kids, consider inviting a bunch of friends round to get your social fix. You can even look into the lazy mom's way to the best home party games if you want to help bring some of the buzz and flair that a night out usually provides!

Working through lunch

This is something a lot of workers do. In fact, more and more people are working through lunch than ever before. It’s worth reading more about this ‘phenomenon’. My advice, of course, is not to do it. Sure, there are times when the worker may benefit from it, but if you’re a parent, then you really need to take advantage of that lunch hour. Leave the office and go for a walk. Grab a nice coffee. Read a book. Otherwise, you run the risk of not getting any sort of break throughout the day.

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