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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sleep Better Starting Tonight

There is no doubt that good quality sleep is the best thing for good health. We all know we should be getting plenty of sleep, so why is it so difficult to achieve? There is never enough time, or something wakes us up, or we simply can’t fall asleep in the first place. There are reasons for all these obstacles to a perfect slumber. You just have to identify them and eliminate them. It’s easier than you think!

Start with falling asleep. Common obstacles include stress, an overactive mind, too much screen time, and not enough fresh air and exercise. Caffeine too late in the day, too much sugar late at night, and trying to do more than just sleep at bedtime will also prevent you dropping off.

Have your last tea or coffee no later than 4pm. Enjoy a brisk walk before the sun goes down. You might play with the dog at the park or just enjoy a long walkies session. Write down on a notepad all the things that are stressing you out right now. Take that pad to bed and add the things that flood into your mind. This will help calm your thoughts down because you are acknowledging your worries. Turn off your phone and your TV and try reading a book instead when you are in your bed.

A really good bedtime routine helps your body and mind fully prepare for the task of sleeping. It doesn’t really matter what you do, but try to do exactly those things in that order every night. You might start by having a bubbly bath. Then you’ll brush your teeth. When you’re in your pajamas, you might brush your hair before hopping up into bed. Read a little, then lights out and relax.

Now you’ve addressed falling asleep, you need to make sure you’re staying asleep for your full eight hours! There are plenty of reviews online for good quality beds. Any company like Best Bed Boutique has details of some of the most popular types of mattresses available. Choose something that will support whatever position you prefer to sleep in. Bear in mind that lying on your front can cause posture problems and neck ache over time. On your side can cause you to roll over a bit more. If you’re on your back, you may suffer from restless legs. If you have any of these problems consider changing your sleeping position.

Use blackout blinds in your own bedroom, so that passing car headlights don’t disturb you. These are essential if you ever have to work shift patterns. Noisy neighbors can be a problem at night. There are comfortable earplugs available that can be worn all night. Alternatively, try moving your bed to a quieter position in the home. It’s not always a good idea to drown one sound out with another.

Changing just a couple of things in the daytime can really make a huge difference at night. Best of all, many of these ideas can be implemented immediately so you can start to enjoy better quality sleep straight away. Sleep well tonight.  

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  1. I use essential oils to help me sleep!! I diffuse them and roll them on my feet, temples, behind my ears, and on my wrists!!


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