Ask Away...: Spruce Up Your Neutral Home With These Accent Pieces!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spruce Up Your Neutral Home With These Accent Pieces!

Neutral is a trend that isn't going anywhere. While things have moved on from warm toned magnolia to more cool toned gray in recent times, neutral spaces are more popular than ever and for good reason. When your walls are neutral, it allows you to have far more fun with the decorative pieces, since the space won’t look too busy or overwhelming. Maybe you’re renting and aren’t allowed to change the neutral decor, or perhaps you’re a fan of the calming and serene look a neutral room can bring. Either way, it’s a good way to go regarding decor. However, if you find the space seems a little dull or stark, there are ways you can liven up and personalize the space. Here are some accent pieces to consider!

Decorate A Bold Feature Wall
When the rest of your walls are plain and neutral, adding some statement wallpaper one feature wall can really liven up the space. It will make your room instantly more personal and can add a splash of color without going overboard. If you don’t like the idea of pattern, you could paint the feature wall with a different color instead. This can bring some focus to the room, and draw attention to other features such as the fireplace.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 15.46.05.png
Add colour, pattern or contrast with a feature wall (source)

Consider A Statement Armchair
Even if you like to play it safe with your furniture, adding one fun piece could be an option. A single armchair for example wouldn’t cost too much but could bring masses of personality to the room. You could pick something with a unique or unusual shape, a cool color or a bold pattern. It’s easy to tie this in with the rest of the room, choose throws and cushions in a similar color or style and accessorize the other pieces of furniture with them.

Buy Interesting Lighting
Table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces and ceiling lights all give you the opportunity to inject some personality into the room, Casablanca ceiling fans for example are a practical option. As you get the benefit of the fan on warm days, plus they make a statement in the room. You could find a piece with exposed bulbs and shop around for some vintage style light bulbs with cool filament designs. You could scour antique stores for interesting looking lamps. Everyone needs lighting in their home, so rather than shop purely for practicality choose items which look great too.

Accessorize With Plants and Flowers
Living plants in the home offer numerous physical and psychological benefits. They’re naturally beautiful and unfussy, and are the perfect accessory even if you’re going for quite a minimalist look. If you don’t like tons of ornaments and clutter scattered around, plants look homely without being messy looking. You could choose a large potted plant, the green leaves look incredible against a plain neutral backdrop. You could go with anything from a fig or bamboo tree to an indoor fern. Smaller varieties dotted around would also look nice- a shelf lined up with mini cacti in colorful pots for example could be a unique addition to the home. You can buy inexpensive bunches of flowers from any grocery store, display in a vase for a pretty and colorful addition to your home.

Interesting plants can make a statement in a neutral home (source)

Display Artwork You Love
Displaying art your love is the perfect way to express yourself and create a home that inspires you. Spend some time finding the perfect piece, something that brings you joy to look at. If you can’t make a decision, how about a gallery wall? Here you get to display lots of smaller pieces, and can always switch out what you have in the frames periodically if you get bored. Sites like Etsy have loads to choose from, many which you can purchase and print yourself for ease. If you’re artistic, you could even design some of the pieces yourself.

Add Some Quirky Pieces
If the rest of your room is fairly neutral, you can definitely get away with one or two wacky pieces! Maybe it’s an unusual ornament, coffee table or piece of furniture. It could be a quirky looking vintage telephone or anything else that really grabs your attention. With such a neutral color palette you have free reign to choose pieces like this without ruining the calm and serene feel. Take a look around antique stores, markets, second hand shops, places you might not usually think to search. If you go travelling, maybe a cultural piece would be an option. It might just be something that catches your eye in a regular shop.

Upcycle Some Furniture
When you purchase a piece of furniture from a store, you can guarantee that thousands of others will have one just like it. If you upcycle, however, you get a truly one- off piece. Plus you get to have fun with the decorating process and create something interesting without spending a lot of money. Have a look in local Facebook groups, on classified ads and in junk stores to see if anyone is getting rid of a piece for free or cheap. Providing it’s in a good, stable condition (no rot or water damage) it doesn't matter much what it looks like. After a good sand, a coat of paint and some new hardware you can totally transform it. You could even go with a color that you wouldn’t usually pick if you were buying new. After all, it can always be repainted later down the line! It allows you to experiment without spending much.

So there you have it, just a few ways you can have fun with your decor and inject some personality even if your home has a neutral color scheme. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and go with something unique and fun!

Are you a fan of neutrals? How do you add personality to your home without spoiling the calming, clean color palette?

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