Ask Away...: The Top Things To Look For In Warmer Weather

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Top Things To Look For In Warmer Weather

As the days start to get warmer while we’re slowly making our way towards the summer months (hurry up already!), it’s time to start thinking about the things around us that we need to start looking out for. This can be either for our own benefit for as a precautionary measure to stop something negative happening, or something going on that’s beyond our control.


The one thing you need to make sure with your car as we head our way into summer is that it’s not overheating. Checking all of the fluid levels is a good idea to do regularly anymore, but it’s especially important when the sun starts to beat down. A car overheating is not a good thing; it can be something as simple as a leak in your coolant system which can cause something more major to happen like your head gasket blowing, which means you’ll need to get to an auto repair center straight away. Although a head gasket itself is not expensive to buy, the labor involved to fit it and get your car back to rights could cost you in the region of $1000. That’s a lot of money to pay out for not doing simple checks!


As the weather starts to change, this gives damp and humidity the chance to attack any wood that may be holding your house together. Check windowpanes, doorframes, the floor itself and anything else that is an integral part of your house. It may be worth going over it with a treatment or a sealant just to make sure that it’ll be totally okay for the months to come. If you have any garden furniture lying about outside which has been out there since last summer, wipe it all down and paint this as well to make sure that it is treated ready for further use.


It’s not a nice thing to think about, but we will always have some unwanted guest living in our home at any one point. When the weather starts to get warmer, bugs breed in their masses and it can become a total invasion of your living space. Ants, termites, gnats and cockroaches all use this season as an excuse to breed in their thousands, and while it may be good for them, it definitely will not be for your home. Taking precautions like putting food away and wiping down any surfaces is generally enough to keep the food-eating bugs away, but if they are coming into your home regardless then it’s time to take further steps and get in pest control.


Now it’s time to turn to you! Rather than thinking about everything else that needs fixing and seeing to, consider whether you are drinking enough. You are probably drinking enough to get you through the day, but it’s doubtful that you are consuming enough to actually benefit you. If you are drinking more than eight glasses of water a day then you’re doing well, but few of us actually do this. Every time you think of water, try and grab a drink and see how much better you start to feel.

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