Ask Away...: Three Ways To Lose Weight Without Going To The Gym

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Three Ways To Lose Weight Without Going To The Gym

Losing weight seems to be a national obsession. The reasons for this are complex, but one contributing factor might be people’s perceptions of themselves relative to a standard of beauty that is perpetrated as a narrative by advertising campaigns and fashion shows. It is in response to this that many companies are now employing so-called ‘real women’ campaigns to sell their products. In any case, most women in the US want to be slimmer. A recent Gallup poll found 57% of women say that they want to lose weight, compared with 46% of men. A rather telling statistic is that 27% of the same women were actually making an effort while 22% of men can say the same thing.

There are lots of ways to lose weight and one of the things that makes it difficult is that some of them are not at all fun. Going to the gym, for instance, is not exactly exciting. It can be effective, but the only people who seem to enjoy are those that you see admiring themselves in the mirror while they work out. It can be rather monotonous too. If, after work, you go and do the same movements or exercises every night, you will likely be board by the first week. It can be expensive too. If you want to become healthier but you’re dissuaded because it all seems so tedious, here are a few ways to make it fun:

  1. Another thing about the gym is that it is usually a set price each month whether or not you use it. Some people only like certain machines as well, like an exercise bike. It could easily end up being cheaper if you just get your own and set it up at home. If you want to know how to build a body you are proud of: read these spin bike reviews and unveil the secret. Here’s a clue: it involves pedaling. Since you’re at home, you can wear whatever you like and listen to the music or watch the TV while you work out.
  2. Exercise does not just need to be repetitive movements and targeted exercises. It can be a happy byproduct of doing something you enjoy. For example, you could take up a sport like basketball or soccer. This has the added advantage of teaching you new skills such as teamwork and thinking under pressure. It is also a great way to meet new people.
  3. If you want to do something for yourself and help others at the same time, why not consider training and completing something like a marathon? You do not need to run the whole way because you can walk it too. Besides, you can raise money for charity at the same time. Also, a lot of people say that they love running once they get into it. If you end up really enjoying the exercise that you do, it will no longer seem like a chore and keeping off all the weight you lost will be that bit easier.


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