Ask Away...: Weight Loss: How To Befriend Your Scales

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Weight Loss: How To Befriend Your Scales

The initial stage of losing weight is the hardest. You need to find the motivation and strength both mentally and physically to prepare yourself for the journey. Of course, in reality, it isn’t quite as hard to achieve as you might have been led to believe. When you consider the amount of fad diets out there or gruelling exercise regimes, it’s natural that you’ll start to view the challenge of losing weight as something which needs to be completed immediately, but this is the worst way to approach weight loss.

You need to be viewing a healthier lifestyle as exactly that: a lifestyle. That means you need to be developing a routine which you can turn into something consistent and continuous, rather than a fad diet in which you starve yourself for a few weeks, as you’ll just end up needing to bounce back to your original diet afterwards. Gradually reducing the bad foods you eat and gradually increasing the amount of exercise you do is the key to losing weight. If you’re not sure how to achieve any of that in practice, here are some helpful pieces of advice to help you.

Diet really is the key to losing weight, but that means a diet which you could eat on a permanent basis. You should be focusing on protein, fat and vegetables whilst cutting back on sugars and starches. If you start off your healthy lifestyle by cutting out a lot of the bad and replacing it with a lot of the good, you’ll be amazed by how much weight you shed just by doing that.

The contents of the meal aren’t the only important thing, of course. You should also be eating regularly, as this helps to burn calories faster, which means you definitely shouldn’t be skipping breakfast. It’ll also prevent the risk of you snacking on crisps or other unhealthy foods when you start to feel too hungry.

Strength training.
Believe it or not, strength training can be just as helpful for shedding the pounds as can any form of cardiovascular activity. You’re pushing your body to its limits and shedding fat. Many people looking to lose weight prefer strength training to standard cardio, as you’re also working towards building up your muscle mass, which helps keep your body in a lean, sturdy shape. You could look into whey protein as a post-workout supplementation too, as energy and balance is still important on the journey to weight loss.

Just walk to places.
You might be scratching your head and thinking that this is a tame piece of advice on which to end, but you’d be amazed by the health benefits (and cost benefits) which come from simply ditching the car and walking to places in your local town. Not only will you be shedding pounds and saving petrol, but you’ll be giving yourself thirty minutes or maybe even an hour of head space each day. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and giving your brain a little break from the stresses of the world might put you in a better frame of mind for tackling your new and improved lifestyle.

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