Ask Away...: Weird Habits That Can Have Surprising Benefits

Friday, April 14, 2017

Weird Habits That Can Have Surprising Benefits

We all have habits that make up our little daily routine. For instance, some of us are going to spend this weekend binge watching whichever show is added to Netflix which I think is ‘Dear White People.’ Although, that habit isn’t good for you. In fact, research has shown that staying sitting in one place for an extended period could be just as damaging to your health as smoking. However, there are some weird habits people have that can have incredible health benefits. You’re going to be shocked by a few of these, that’s for sure.

Cracking The Knuckles

Not everyone can do this, and a lot of people find it incredibly annoying. We’ve all sat by someone cracking their knuckles repeatedly and had to put headphones in to cover what can be a grating sound. When you were younger, you might have even been told that cracking knuckles is bad for you. On the contrary, the opposite is true. Research shows that by cracking your knuckles, you are actually strengthening your joints and bones. This means that you could be less susceptible to later life health issues like arthritis. The more you know huh?

Nail Biter

Another annoying yet useful habit is nail biting. Biting your nails is often seen as a nasty, bad habit that is unacceptable in polite company. However, biting your nails can actually strengthen your immune system. Basically, when you chomp down on your nails, you are exposing your mouth to small amounts of bacteria. That doesn’t sound too healthy, but by doing this, you introduce it to your immune system. With the info in advance, the body can defend itself against bacteria that causes certain illnesses. So, by biting your nails, you could keep your body free from disease!

Great Vapes

You might think vaping is just like smoking, but it isn’t. A lot of people are starting to embrace the idea that vaping is the healthy alternative. That’s not as crazy as it first sounds because you can get dry herb vaporizers. Using these, you can get the benefits of a number of natural herbs. For instance, the wildflower herb can increase feelings of tranquility and lower stress levels.

Rub That Woof Woof

If you love saying hello to dogs, no matter where they are, you might think you’re just an animal lover. You could be, but you might also subconsciously be addicted to the natural high people get from saying hello to dogs. Weirdly, when you pat a dog, it releases pleasure endorphins in the brain, genuinely brightening your day. Similarly, this might be the reason why nearly fifty percent of online videos are animals being cute.

You’re Not Lazy, You’re Healthy

You’re going to love this one, eating in bed is good for you. If you ever feel like having dinner in bed and settling down with a good film, you're not lazy. Research shows that it’s best to eat when all your body muscles are relaxed because it helps digestion. So, if you want to avoid heartburn and IBS, start having more meals wrapped in your duvet.

Do you have any of these weirdly healthy habits?

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  1. So interesting! Loved reading through this.



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