Ask Away...: You've Finished With Your Car - Now What?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

You've Finished With Your Car - Now What?

Every year, millions of cars are bought, sold, scrapped and given away. The trade is immense, and chances are you've already owned at least one car, if not several, during your time as a driver. Cars are at our disposal to help make our lives easier - although sometimes, we can end up getting attached to them, which makes getting rid of them even more of a hassle! However, just like with any gadget that we use regularly, every car has a lifespan. Therefore, we need to be aware of what exactly our options are for when our trusty vehicles do eventually start coming to the ends of their lives. A surprising proportion of people across the country isn't entirely sure what their options are when they notice that their old cars aren't performing as well as they used to. So, with that in mind, here are the usual options available to you when it is time to wave goodbye to your 'trusty steed'.

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Selling it on

The first thing that comes to mind when most of us need a new car is thinking about how much money we can make from our old one. Providing your car has not been written off or hugely damaged in some other way, it is probably more than do-able for you to sell it. A good place to start is with a car valuation website, where you can enter model and mileage to work out how much your car is worth. Regarding actually making a sale, you can usually advertise on this kind of website for a small fee, or you could go old-school and place an advert in the local newspaper. If you would rather leave the actual selling process to someone else and avoid the hassle entirely, your best bet is to give your car to a used car dealership where they will sell it for you.

Scrapping it

If your car is beyond repair or if it is simply extremely old, you may want to think about sending it to be scrapped instead. Scrapping used to be a fairly sketchy trade, where you were never guaranteed any money as a result of the scrapping, and where a lot of dealings took place in dodgy back-alley junkyards. Now, however, it is a regulated trade. Before you scrap your car, make sure anything else of value is removed from the vehicle. For example, you can make a small sum by selling on your number plate, if you find somewhere that can value my number plate. Or, you may have added some modifications to your car that you intend to keep for a future purchase. Once you have removed all these, find a reputable scrap dealer and send your car on its way.

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Giving it away

If your car isn't likely to make much money on the market, but you'd rather not see it scrapped, why not consider giving it away via a charity? Websites like Charity Car and even huge organizations like Oxfam all specialize in raising money from the sale of used cars. So, if you want to see your old car go towards a positive cause, this could be the perfect option for you.

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