Ask Away...: 3 Novel Ideas For Ways To Find New Books To Read

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

3 Novel Ideas For Ways To Find New Books To Read

When you finish reading a book you have enjoyed, it can be a miserable feeling. On one hand, there is the benefit of being able to discuss it with friends without having to fear spoilers. But on the other, you don’t have anything to read anymore.

A surprising number of people blame the fact they don’t know where to look for their next book recommendation as the reason they don’t read often. Given that novels still have their place in our society, it seems unlikely, but it can and does happen. You can be surrounded by books and still find that you have no idea what to read.

After all, it’s not so easy as choosing something off a best seller list and diving in. “Best selling” books have dubious origins, which aren’t based on what’s being sold, but a bizarre number of different factors. Then there is the fact that just because a lot of people are buying something, it doesn’t mean it’s a good book - just that owning it has suddenly become popular.

So rather than spending money on a book you might dislike just because it’s popular, where can you go for something more niche and suited to your preferences? Are you stuck rereading forevermore, or is there perhaps an entire world of brilliant fiction just waiting for you to turn a page and find it?

1. Be Specific When You Search

Don’t just search for “good books”, because Google is going to throw literally millions of different results at you. Instead, make sure you are searching within a specific set of parameters that suit exactly the kind of thing you’re looking to read.

There is no niche that is too niche; it’s worth bearing in mind that if you want something, then it’s likely someone else did too. You could try the ideas featured in 10 amazing books that feature magical realism or look for a spy story set during a certain period of history, discovering recommendations by people who like the exact same set of specifics as you. Whatever you like in your fiction, you’re not alone, so go searching for those who want what you do - they’re out there!

2. Look At Books Your Favorite Authors Read

Authors tend to read books; that’s a given. You will often find a traceable lineage in style or format from books that authors like, which translates into their own work. If you like books inspired by another novel, then chances are, you’re going to like the grandparent work.

Authors tend to be vocal about the books they enjoy as readers, so look for interviews and see who they mention. Social media is great for this, too - most authors will often offer unprompted opinions on books they have read and loved. Twitter is particularly popular, so check in with your favorites every time you need something new.

3. Read At Random

Rather than studying reviews and synopses, why not just buy something at random and see if you like it? Just hit randomly for a download or grab a book off a store shelf with your eyes closed. There’s as much a chance you’ll like it as there is with any recommendation, so it’s worth a try every now and again!

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  1. Love the idea of looking for books liked by a favorite author. Great advice!



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