Ask Away...: Beware of Insurers Tricks When It Comes To Car Write-Offs

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Beware of Insurers Tricks When It Comes To Car Write-Offs

Many drivers are furious that instead of their car insurance companies paying for their car to be repaired, they are just choosing to ‘write-off’ their cars instead. Insurance companies will have clear guidelines for writing off cars, but it seems like they are pushing their luck more and more and just suggesting that it is a write-off when it doesn’t always need to be. For those of you that are unsure what it means for a car to be written off, then let me explain it a little bit. If you’re in a car accident and there is extensive damage, then the car can be declared as a write-off. Then, insurance companies should pay you out the amount to be able to buy a car in a similar condition to the one yours was in before the accident, and just take off any excess that you agreed to when you started the car insurance policy.


The problem with this method of doing things is that car prices can vary quite widely and in many cases, are negotiable. So you and your insurer are unlikely to agree on the same price for your car. Insurers know this, of course, and in most cases, you’ll want to get back on the road as quickly as possible. So there can be a bit of pressure from them to just take the first offer that they give. But there are some different tips and tricks to avoid from your car insurance company.

First of all, they will want to know whose fault the car accident was. So you might need the help of some attorneys who will work to establish who caused the car accident, and you can go from there. If it was your fault, then depending on your policy, some insurers won’t pay out at all. So that is something to bear in mind. If it wasn’t your fault that the car is now n a bad state, then they will try a few tactics to get out of paying you much for your written off car. One of them is by getting you to pay for something like an independent assessor. That person would check your car and give an independent valuation. The thing with that is that it does cost you money to do it, so many people can be put off and will just take the insurers quote. So that is number one of their tactics.

Another of their tactics is to just send you out a check in the mail. When it just arrives addressed to you and all filled out with a certain value, they presume people will just cash it and that you don’t know that you can negotiate. Cashing the check means you’ve accepted the value. So if you’re not happy with it, don’t cash the check. Simple as that. Call them back up and ask them how they reached that decision and you can go from there.

Have you ever had a car insurance company try to get you to accept less than you should?

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