Ask Away...: Bringing Boho to the Bedroom

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bringing Boho to the Bedroom

The boho look is more commonly associated with fashion than interior décor, but the bohemian style lends itself perfectly to property thanks to its bold, bright colors and intricate prints. So, if you are looking to inject some quirky style into your bedroom, why not try out the boho look for style?

Here are some tips for bringing the bohemian look to your bedroom:

Make the Most of Your Walls

To the bohemian, the walls are a blank canvas which h should be covered up as soon as possible. If you want to truly embrace the style in your bedroom, invest in one or more Indian tapestries, bold, striking art prints, dream catchers and anything else that gives off the typical hippie/new age/boho vibe. Hang them from every inch of your wall, and you could almost stop there and have created a perfect boho look!

Fairy Lights

Boho gals love their fairy lights. They love the way they twinkle and the fact that they diffuse only the softest of light. Hang them above your tapestries, wrap them around your bed and cover your bookcases in them for an authentic bohemian look.


Bohemian types also love their candles. They like the warmth of the light, and it gives them something to focus on when they’re meditating. Whether you plant to take up meditation or not, fill your bedroom with beautiful scented candles, hurricane lamps and big, bold gothic candlesticks.


Mandalas are circular figures filled with all manner of intricate patterns and colors. They are typically associated with India and the Hindu and Buddhist religions. Boho décor wouldn’t be authentic without one or two mandalas in the place. These could be in the form of mandala bedding, mandala artwork or tapestries featuring one or more mandalas - just make sure you fit a mandala into the space somewhere.

Ethnic Furniture

If you want your bedroom to look authentically bohemian, you can’t just pop to Ikea or home depot. You need to source, ethical, sustainable furniture from around the globe. Most Bohemians prefer quality over quantity, and they love sourcing their stuff from India, Goa, and Japan, amongst other places.

Lots of Cushions

Bohemians might not be big on lots of material goods, but they make an exception when it comes to home decor and cushions. They have cushions for meditation, cushions for sitting and lots and lots of cushions dressing the bed. Choose cushions with ethnic prints or which are made from recycled saris for a really hip look.

Mix and Match

One of the best things about the bohemian look is that you can afford to mix and match. In fact, doing so will give you a more authentic look. So, don’t worry if your dresser is painted white and your bed is made from dark wood – it all adds to the boho décor.

Similarly, you don’t need to worry about having all your soft furnishings match. The more colors and textures you can have in the bedroom, the better. Try to collect different styles., colors and fabrics and your room will look and feel great.

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  1. I think I may have a tough time sleeping with too much going on in my bedroom! Love that footstool and those cushions, though - I could totally see those in my living room!


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