Ask Away...: Do I Or Don’t I? The DIY Jobs To Take On Or Outsource

Friday, May 5, 2017

Do I Or Don’t I? The DIY Jobs To Take On Or Outsource

DIY is something you either love or loathe. If you’re in the latter camp, there is a way you can be converted. Being able to spruce up your home is such a rewarding experience, and it doesn’t always take an awful lot of work. Plus, when you opt for DIY, you can often save yourself a lot of money. But, DIY isn’t always the only option. If you’re a DIY lover and you’re debating whether to take on a job yourself or call in the professionals, these scenarios should help you to decide.

Building Work

Building work is one of those things that is probably best left to the professionals unless you have some skills yourself. However, there are some areas that you may be able to take on yourself to save yourself a bit of money.

Ripping Out

When you’re contemplating doing a lot of renovation work at home, you may need to rip a lot of old fittings and fixtures out. It might be tempted to leave this to your builders, but if you can give them a blank canvas, you might be able to save yourself a lot of money. Maybe you’re thinking of putting in a new kitchen or bathroom suite into your home? Even if you’re getting professionals in to fit the new one, removing the cabinets and fixtures can be done at home, which may even speed up the installation process.


When you’re looking to extend any part of your home, you are best off leaving it to the professionals. Unless you are a contractor yourself of course, or if you have a close builder friend or family member that can do the work for you. Attempting to build a home when you don’t have the skills or knowledge could be dangerous. But, if you want to ensure you’re getting the best price, make sure you shop around and collate quotes before you commit to a contractor.

Removing Walls

Depending on your skill level with DIY and how comfortable you are with various tasks, you may choose to take this on yourself or call in an expert. Removing a wall doesn’t have to be a difficult process. But it can be a lot of work, and you have to make sure that the structure is going to be safe. After you have done a bit of research, if you are still not confident in your own abilities to tackle it, call in an expert contractor to do the job for you.


If you or a friend are trained in a certain trade, then you’ll want to take on that work yourself. But, you might be able to use some transferrable skills in some areas to improve your home. If you are completely new to a trade, then it is best to hire a professional instead.


Of all the trades, electrics are the ones that you should definitely call in a professional to help you with. Whether it’s your entire electric system, moving a light or adding in a new set of sockets, you could seriously harm yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing and something wrong. If you’re trying to work out where to allocate your budget for professionals, make sure you a lot some for an electrician. But, like a contractor, it will be best to get a few quotes to try and get a professional who can offer you the best value.


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) might sound very complicated, but it might actually be an area of trade that you can work on yourself. Just make sure you read up or watch a few tutorials before you start any complicated projects. You may also need to get your hands on the right tools too. Alongside wrenches and standard toolbox equipment, you might also need a multimeter so that you can conduct the rights tests and analysis. Tool Nerds reviewed the fluke 116 vs 117 which will help you to see which would be more appropriate for you.


There are certain fixtures and fittings that you may need a bit of help with. Take your fireplace. Yes, you may be able to pick out the perfect fireplace design and even build a surround that is perfect. But, depending on your chosen style, you may need an expert engineer to come and install the actual fire system for you. It’s important that this is done right. If you have a real fire, you will need to make sure the ventilation is correct. Or, if you’ve gone with electrics, everything will need to be hooked up correctly.


Interiors are one of the areas that you can focus on yourself with very little training or skill. But sometimes, you might find that you need a little expert help. Either way, use your best judgment to see which areas you can cover off yourself.


When it comes to decorating your home, you can pretty much do everything yourself. You may choose to hire painters to save you time if you’re super busy, but if you want to save money and you don’t mind the work, you’re better off doing it yourself. Whether you want to give your house a lick of paint ahead of spring, or cozy up the decor ready for winter, there are a lot of things you can complete yourself. From buying soft furnishings to putting together furniture, decorating is an area that everyone can excel in.


Flooring is one of those areas of home renovation that can be as easy or as hard as you’d like it to be. Not only will that depend on your skill set, but also the kind of flooring that you’re looking to lay. If you’re looking at getting new carpets, you might be better off getting a professional floor fitter in to help you. Then, you can be sure that the floor will stay smooth and flat and you won’t accidentally rip or tear the carpet yourself in the process. If you’re laying laminate, you may be able to slot the pieces together yourself easily enough - you could even make it a team effort with your partner or a group of friends.

Pest Control

When you start to renovate your home, you can often uncover unpleasantries like pests. If you’re looking to combat a pest problem that you have, you often have two options. You could try to get it under control yourself and then call an expert if your efforts fail. Or, you could go straight to the professionals first. Your choice may depend on the pests you have and how you feel about tackling, as well as budget and timing constraints. A professional may cost more, but if you’re on a tight timescale, it could be worth it. Likewise, if you have spare budget, it could save you time.


The exterior work that you’re prepared to do at home will depend on both the size of your land and your skill set. If you’re an avid gardener, you might find some things easier than others. But, if you’re not that experienced, you might want to hire a landscaper or other professional.


If you’re a bit green fingers, you might revel in the challenge of a garden transformation. But, if you’ve never picked up a shovel in your life, you may struggle with the motivation and knowledge to create something from scratch. Definitely go ahead and hire a landscaper if you’re not an avid gardener, but if you love nothing more than to plant and prune your exterior to life, you may be able to come up with a creative garden design yourself. Alternatively, you could hire a designer to give you ideas and execute them yourself, or hire a landscaper and tell them exactly how you’d like the garden to look.

Pool Cleaning

If you have a pool, then you’ll know the amount the care they need. If you’re thinking of installing one, you might want to consider the options you have to keep the maintenance to a minimum. Cleaning the pool periodically might be harmless to you, but you could also take a look into professional cleaning companies that could take it off of your hands. You might also want to consider the type of filter and cover you are using to make the job easier.


When you start to improve your home, you can often decide to create the house of your dreams. If you’ve always wanted a garden with a lot going on, you might be considering building work. Outdoor buildings can be very versatile and add to your living space. Maybe you’re looking for a covered dining space or a gazebo or even something bigger like a pool house or barn? Depending on the build you’re looking at, you may be able to order in a flat pack and put it together yourself, or you may need a contractor to come in and construct it from scratch.

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