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Friday, May 12, 2017

Gear Shift The Stress Out Of Your Daily Commute

When you work in an office your day probably starts with an hour of torture in the car. It doesn’t matter you’re only trying to go 3 miles! It all starts when you try to get into the car. When you’re running really late, you’ll find your key fob battery has stopped working. Once you’re in the car, the seats and mirrors need to be reset after your teen or partner used the car last night. And now you have the challenge of getting the car out of the garage, off the drive, and onto the street. That’s all before you hit 40 minutes of traffic queues and the nightmare of trying to find a place to park.

Fortunately, there is a better way. For relatively short commutes you can find alternative ways of getting there. Did you know that you could walk those 3 miles at a relaxed pace in about an hour? That could definitely notch up your steps if you’re keen to up your exercise. Many people find that walking about 3 miles to and from work gives them a great start to the day and helps relieve the stress before arriving home. It means you can avoid all the idiot drivers too. Best of all, it costs absolutely nothing, and it could be much quicker than driving and parking too.

Anything under 7 or 8 miles could be done on a bicycle. This is another way to improve your fitness, stamina and energy levels. Of course, it might be a bit harder to stay completely dry in a shower. Some roads simply aren’t safe enough for cycling either. But if you have the right routes and the right sportswear, you could enjoy getting through the traffic a little easier. Cycling is really good for toning the legs and buttocks too!

When you’re heading toward double figures, you might benefit from a bit of power to help you get there on time. Something battery-powered like this elektrische scooter can be ideal if you’re sick of wasting your fuel going nowhere. You can even take the battery out to charge while you’re working. Despite our best intentions, traffic jams cause a lot of pollution and waste hundreds of dollars in fuel just so the engine can idle. Electric cars, scooters and bikes could help avoid all those choking fumes pedestrians could be exposed to.

Have you considered changing your working hours? Going in an hour early so you can leave an hour early may mean you have less traffic to trawl through. It might shorten your commute and cause less stress and frustration too. Flexible working hours help thousands of workers arrange their work around their lifestyle. If commuting is really getting you down consider traveling at a different time of day.

Of course, if your boss is happy for you to do so, you might be able to avoid the commute altogether. Remote working is now practical, beneficial, and preferable for most office-based jobs. It saves you a fortune in fuel and higher insurance premiums. It saves your employer a fortune in sick days because you’re not too stressed to work! How can you end the torture of travel?

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