Ask Away...: How To Have An EPIC Summer Day

Monday, May 22, 2017

How To Have An EPIC Summer Day

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I know some people think that whenever you want to have an epic day you have to do a ton of planning but trust me when I say that I'm an expert at on-the-go fun!  One of the easiest ways to make the most of your summer is to make memories with your friends.  You can still have an epic day with minimal planning.  And you can get pretty much all you need at one place.   So today I'm going to share my secret on how to have a totally epic summer day. I'm going to cover everything you need to  make your summer memorable.   

Obviously you need the right supplies so take my lead and just know that if you don't already have all these supplies you can always pick them up at your local CVS store like I did.  

Obviously it's much easier to enjoy a sunny summer day with friends when you don't have to squint to see each other.   A cute pair of sunglasses is an absolute MUST.  Not only are they functional but they are fashionable. 

 Sunscreen is a must especially if you'll be outdoors in the sun for an extended period of time.  A sunburn will just cut your fun short so make sure you're covered, literally!  CVS has a great supply to choose from. 

Whether it's a snack attack while you're driving to your destination or you just need some snacks for when you arrive, stock up at your local CVS and grab some munchies for on-the-go noshing.   I always keep some pretzels handy for my friends and myself because it's easy to eat and refuel.  

A cute towel is a must for any summer picnic, lounging poolside, or going to the beach so make sure you are prepared.   

You can't have fun without your friends so make sure you get a good group of people together. Let them know the plans and what they should bring along. 

Your go-to outfit for summer fun should be comfortable and cute.   Consider the weather and the location.  If you are going on a hike you don't want to wear shoes that are difficult to walk in.  If you are going to be lounging in the park or by a pool, flip flops are completely appropriate. 

|Sharing an Ice Cold Coca-Cola™| 
Since you have everything you need with the list above, you can put some of them all together like friends and Coca-Cola.   Ice Cold Coca-Cola is so refreshing during the hottest moments of Summer and this year they include first AND last names on their bottles!   

It's always fun for everyone to bring something to a get together that they can share with others.   

There are 1,000 plus names available on multiple Coca-Cola brands and packages which means you should be able to find a bottle to share with at least one of your friends.   CVS is the perfect place to pick up a bottle for on-the-go moments like heading off to the beach or going to a concert or festival with your friends.  

Make sure you check the soda aisle of your local CVS AND if you use your CVS ExtraCare card you can get special CVS pricing at 2 for $3.  So you can share with a friend AND you can save money. 

And if you or your friends want more options, consider Coca-Cola™ to quench your thirst as you enjoy a warm summer day.  

Check out these fun ideas for an epic summer day! What will you be doing with your friends to make more memories?

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  1. Yes! Sometimes those spontaneous moments and activities make for the most fun and the best memories! ~ Client


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