Ask Away...: How To Make Your Life Healthy Before Summer

Thursday, May 18, 2017

How To Make Your Life Healthy Before Summer

For many of us across the world, summer is almost here. The sun is out which means that we’re spending more and more time outside in the beautiful weather. But there are still things that you can do to make sure that you’re fully prepared for summer - here are a few ways to make your life healthier before you get stuck into the most fun time of year.

Get Fitter And Stronger

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First of all, it’s time to start thinking about getting fitter and stronger. The best way to think about improving your figure is by focusing on how you can feel better, rather than ways that you can lose weight. Your aim should be to run up a couple of flights of stairs without getting out of breath, or lifting a certain weight without any problems, rather than finally fitting into your jeans from way before you had your kids. Focusing on the way you look implies that getting healthier is focused only on your outer appearance, while you should be focused more so on how it makes you feel. If you aren’t sure where to begin, you could start off gently by going along to a yoga class with one of your friends - this series of bends and stretches along with breathing will help you mentally as well as physically. If you’re a bit more active than that, sign up with a personal trainer for a few sessions and figure out the best routine for you.

Start Walking

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If you don’t spend much time focusing on staying fit, then the best thing to do is starting to walk more often. A lot of us jump in our cars for the shortest trips - a five minute drive to drop our kids at school, or a ten minute drive to pick up milk from the store. It’s time to ditch the four wheels and focus on your two legs instead. Walking is great for everyone - it’s a lot more low impact than jogging or running and you don’t need any special equipment, but it can make you feel a lot better in pretty much every part of your body. If your back tends to get sore, walking will help to improve your aches and pains, and if you’ve just started going to the gym but you find that you don’t have very much stamina, walking more often will help with that as well. Not only will it help you physically, but walking will help you slow down and look at the world in a different way. For a start, you might stop off to say hi to any neighbours and friends, and you’ll also get a chance to move a little more slowly than normal and take note of the world around you - the big blue summery sky, the bright green leaves on the trees, and the sun above you. Walking will help you celebrate the natural world.

Consider Sun Protection

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During the summer, chances are, you’ll be out in the sun much more than you are during the winter (Not least because during the winter there really isn’t much sun to be outside in!). If you’ve decided to take us up on our advice to start walking a little more often, you might not be sure what you should be walking in. First of all, make sure that your body is as covered as possible - wear natural breathable fabrics like cotton so that you stay cool in the summer heat. Fabric can help to soak up any sweat, meaning that your skin will stay nice and dry - but unnatural fabrics might not be quite as good at doing that and become more than a little uncomfortable. Cover your head with a hat (don’t forget that your scalp can get sunburned when it’s particularly hot out, which is incredibly uncomfortable and not particularly attractive if it starts peeling!), and make sure that you wear sunglasses with UV protection in them. Finally - and you might just know this already! - it’s time to start slathering yourself in sunscreen with a high factor, which will help you stay protected from the sun for longer. Even if your foundation has sun protection in it, during the summer you’ll probably need a little more help than that, so make sure you put on some factor fifty before you apply your makeup.

Make Your Living Space Healthy

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If you don’t spend much time considering your living space, now is the time to change that. What’s around you definitely changes the way that you see the world, which means that your space will have a definite effect on your life. Make sure that your house has plenty of natural light - if you aren’t in the habit of opening your curtains in the morning, make sure that you change that. Not only will it make your home sunny and beautiful but it’ll also let the heat from outside come in. Add more lighting - make sure that you’re being environmentally responsible and that you use LED bulbs, which last longer and use less energy (which is of course great for your bank account). Salt lamps look incredible and will also have a purifying effect on your home as they remove the moisture from the atmosphere and improve the air quality. If you want to add a little greenery to your home using pot plants, they may just have the same effect by providing you with a lot more oxygen in your living space. Succulent plants are particularly popular at the moment, and not just for the way they look - they’re also incredibly easy to take care of if you aren’t particularly green-fingered!

Focus On Your Mental Health

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If you’ve never been to therapy, now is the time to start. You might think that you don’t need to go, and that might be true - but the truth is that it can benefit absolutely everyone, even if it’s on a more preventative than curative basis. If you’ve had therapy then you’ll know how to handle it better when things go wrong in the future - and things will go wrong, because they inevitably do at some point for everyone. Work might get stressful, or a parent might get sick - and if you’ve had therapy then you’ll already have the tools to keep yourself mentally healthy through the toughest times in your life. Remember that you don’t have to settle for the first therapist that you go to see - it might take time to figure out who suits you.

Make Changes To Your Professional Life

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If you aren’t happy at work, then now is the time to change that. A lot of people get new jobs at the end of the summer and you could start preparing for that now. Make pros and cons lists about your current job and about what you’d like to do in the future, whether that’s a step up on the ladder in your current industry or whether you’d like to retrain and go into a completely different field altogether. The best way to do this is to get organised - figure out what exactly you need to do and how you’ll be able to achieve those goals, along with any financial repercussions. If you’re happy at your job already then it’s time to make sure that you’re getting recompensed fairly for all your hard work. Next time you have a review with your boss, talk to them about getting a raise. There’s no point in sitting back and waiting for things like that to fall into your lap - it’s important to remember that if you don’t ask, chances are, you won’t get.

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