Ask Away...: How To Properly Prepare Your Car For A Sale

Thursday, May 25, 2017

How To Properly Prepare Your Car For A Sale

Whether you plan on selling your car, leasing it out to someone to someone planning to go on a road trip, part-exchanging at a local dealership or auctioning the vehicle, your one true aim is to maximize the value of it, so the highest profit can be made. To achieve this, you’ll have to give your car a thorough health test, an aesthetic revitalization, and modernizing it to fit into the market. You’ll look to minimize any flaws which will drive the price down and with a little effort your car can look and feel as good as new.

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Expunge the interior and exterior

The immediate interest of any buyer will the factored on how much they are attracted to the car. Nothing grabs someone’s attention like a clean glistening paint job. A simple car wash will remove the dirt and help it look presentable, but the real secret to adding value to the car before the interior and drive quality have been assessed, is to use professional cleaning products rather than the simple soap and water. If the paint has faded over time in certain areas, using a high-quality wax to polish the exterior would create a sheen that bounces light off in a pleasant manner, making it look more desirable. If you own a sports car or a supercar, it’s best if you enlist the services of professional cleaners that specialize in fine car restoration.

What different methods offer

By selling your car online, you’ll be judged by individual buyers who’ll be buying for mainly personal reasons. Their first interaction with you will be via email or telephone, so have a polite, patient and informative telephone manner when you speak to them.

A local dealership will pay special attention to the photos you take of your car. Make sure you give them every possible angle, from the roof, side, rear, front, interior front and back, dashboard, gear stick, cup holders, glove box, door panels, sunroof, leg room, tyres, wheel wells, brake discs, and engine. They want it to be immaculate because if they choose to buy and then sell it at their establishment, their reputation is on the line. The same goes for auctioning your vehicle.
However, if you don’t want to sell the car, but you want a loan which isn’t linked to a bank, seek to apply for an online approval for a title loan.

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What buyers will typically look for

The car with the basics intact will jump over the first hurdle cleanly, and one which doesn’t will create a reputation that all comers will stay away from. Make sure the tyres a properly inflated and there aren’t any nails or gashes in the tread. Equally important is the tread depth; it should be in between 2mm and 1.6mm. The basic electronics should be in full working order. E.g. headlights, indicators, brake lights, reverse light etc. A few minor repairs would go a long way. Simply buying some cheap car mats would smarten the interior vibe up. Replace any damaged alloy wheel rather than hoping no one notices; they will. Consider painting over little chips and cracks in the body work by buying the factory paint, in the exact color. Small flicks and hairline fractures in the windscreen can usually be prepared pretty easily with modern technology as rather than replacing it whole; companies will execute a vacuum over the area and fill it in with a clear binding gel.


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