Ask Away...: Is Your Car Ready For Fun In The Sun?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Is Your Car Ready For Fun In The Sun?

Summer is nearly here, and that means we’re going to be heading to the beach, exploring the countryside or perhaps taking a cool vacay. But one thing is almost certain, we’re going to need our set of wheels in tip-top condition. If you’re stuck without a car, it can be a rather boring and dreary summer. So, here are some great tips to get your car ready for fun in the sun.

Check Those Tyres

Your first step is making sure that the tyres are in great condition. If winter and spring brought some terrible weather, you might find that the treat on your tyres has worn away and it might be worth thinking about replacing them. New tyres will mean that you’ll have more grip on the road and this is just going to make your vehicle a lot safer to drive. But that’s not the only advantage. You can get summer tyres for your car that respond differently to those sweltering hot roads. As well as being safer, this will ensure your car actually saves fuel.

An extra piece of advice would be to make sure that you’re checking the spare tyre. A lot of people use their spare and then forget all about it until the inevitable breakdown. You don’t want to find yourself in this position.

Take A Look Under The Hood


You might be planning on transporting your car abroad this summer so you can drive it around your holiday destination. Cool idea and there are plenty of companies like Shiply that provide this possibility. However, you do need to make sure that your car is ready for that trip and to be driven around for two weeks straight. It’s worth getting a full check up on your vehicle. Make sure that you know there’s no problem that could leave you at the side of the road.

Another extra tip? If you are taking your car across the ocean or to a new country, do make sure you have the right insurance. Even if your car is in tip-top condition, you should guarantee that you do have coverage if the worst happens.

Get Protection

If you have kids, you need to make sure that you have the right protection in your vehicle. In the summer, the sun shines harmful UV rays down on your car, and the windows can actually magnify the power of these sunbeams. They are quite dangerous and have been linked to the development of skin cancer. That’s why you want to make sure that you are using sunshades in your car on the windows. This is particularly important if you’re planning any long journeys that will last more than an hour or so.

Pack It Up

Last but not least, make sure you’re packing plenty of food and drink in your car. Although, stay away from any food that is going to melt or stink up the car when it’s hot. This can lead to an unpleasant car journey and a heavy cleaning bill when you return.

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