Ask Away...: No One Reading Your Blog? Here Are The Reasons Why

Thursday, May 11, 2017

No One Reading Your Blog? Here Are The Reasons Why

Many people new to the blogging world put their heart and soul into their ideas, working hard in their spare time to create something they hope will be a success. But what happens when you realize that no one is reading? It can be heartbreaking, and cause an enormous amount of disillusionment - but there are a few solutions to this huge problem.

So, if you have worked hard on your blog and are despairing on your lack of readers, don't quit just yet. The chances are you are making some simple mistakes that are easily corrected. Here are the reasons why no one is reading your work, and how to put things right.

You haven’t given it time

Writing interesting posts and creating engaging content is only the first step towards a successful blog. And it takes a long time to start building credibility and a healthy readership - it just won’t happen overnight. You can’t expect instant success, and it also takes a while for your posts to be picked up by the likes of Google. And, there are a lot of extra steps you will need to take to make sure your content is being found by your ideal market - which we will take a look at in a minute

Your blog isn’t optimized

Ultimately, if you want to appeal to search engines, it’s vital to ensure you are creating a lot of useful, informative, and relevant content to the industry or theme you are talking about. But there is a technical side to attracting attention to the search engines that you can’t afford to ignore. This technical aspect of SEO - or search engine optimization - is essential if you want to build the foundations of a high ranking website, so take a look at a few beginner’s guides to ensure you are getting the basics right.

You don’t promote your work

Unfortunately, it's not sufficient to create a blog, write some posts, and sit back and reap the rewards - the likelihood is that few people will come across your work by accident. You have to be active in promoting your blog, and spend just as much time on promotion as you do writing your posts - perhaps even longer. Make use of social media, build an email list, share your posts on Linkedin: there are a multitude of things you can - and should - do to promote your content.

You blog about the wrong things

Sadly, the content you are creating may not be compelling for your target market. Perhaps you are just droning on about your accomplishments or moaning about particular problems in your life. The truth is that hardly anyone will be interested. You have to consider your audience when writing a blog, and focus on what they want - not what you want. Your blog posts have to be able to touch people and be valuable to them, answering questions, fixing problems, and satisfying needs. If you can learn what makes your audience tick, you will find success for your blog comes to a lot easier!

Your writing isn’t inspiring

There are plenty of blogs out there that are difficult to read, dull, and uninspiring. Unsurprisingly, these types of blog are, by and large, hugely unsuccessful - and make up the vast majority of content that is on the web. If you can ensure your writing fizzes off the page and ‘sings’ to your audience, it won’t take long for people to start taking notice. Take a look at your favorite blogs for inspiration, and learn how to create a more exciting read. It’s such an easy way for your blog posts to stand out from the crowd.

You aren’t consistent

If you want to develop a better relationship with your audience, you need to be consistent. Make sure you are posting your articles frequently, and also try and to stick to some kind of schedule. For example, if you have an email list and always send out a blast at 8 am on a Monday morning, make sure you stick to that schedule - people will get used to your emails and start to expect them. You will find that your open rates start to increase, which, in turn, will lead to higher volumes of traffic arriving on your site. As with anything else in life, consistency will always reward your blog much more than being infrequent and sketchy. Just make sure you set yourself a pace you can manage, or you might reduce the staying power of your blog posts.

Any tips you would like to add? Feel free to leave them below!

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