Ask Away...: The Beach Body Workout: Getting In Shape For Summer

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Beach Body Workout: Getting In Shape For Summer


It’s not too late to get bikini-ready for summer. By taking steps now, you may be able to fix up your figure in a matter of weeks. Here’s what you need to secure that hot bod.

Cut the calories

Speedy slimming requires a strict diet – but that shouldn’t mean living off soup or following some other ridiculous diet. Instead, make an effort to cut down portions and eat organically. This means making meals out of fresh fruit, vegetables, unprocessed meats and fish – no microwave meals or frozen foods. Cut out snacks entirely. Avoid fried foods and don’t add salt or sugar to anything. Calorie counting can be effective for some, but others it can be frustrating. There are apps that can count calories for you and keep you from overeating.

Focus on your core

Your core muscles are deep in your torso and are perhaps the most important in your body. They affect your balance and keep you standing upright. Whilst it’s important to exercise other body parts, your core has a knock on effect on everything else. There are lots of exercise regimes focused on the core. A Tony Horton favourite P90X Ab Ripper which focuses on flattening and chiselling that stomach through exercises such as Russian twists, v-ups and bicycles. The plank can also be a very effective exercise for your core and you can aim to build upon your time.

Go aerobic

Cardio exercises are also great for shedding the pounds. These include running long distances, swimming and cycling. One of the most effective methods of cutting calories is taking part in a spin class – in a single hour you can scorch a whopping 400 to 600 calories. Use the web to see if there are any local spin classes near you.

Don’t neglect weights

Weights aren’t just for building muscles mass and have been shown to help with losing weight. Buy a pair of dumbbells or some kettlebells and try carrying out some exercises with these. You can even run whilst doing exercises with dumbbells.

Track your progress

Tracking your progress is important for motivation. There are apps that can record how many calories you’ve burnt. Some may also benefit to record their progress as a diary or a blog. Weighing yourself each week is also important as well as measuring your waist. Also try taking photos in a mirror so that you can look back at how far you’ve come. Occasionally you may have setbacks – this is normal and don’t let this demotivate you.

Have clear goals

It’s important to have a clear goal ahead as well as microgoals to get you from week to week. One motivation could be to buy a bikini and make it your goal to fit into it by the end of your workout. It may be easier to set a dress size or have a pair of jeans that you hope to be able to fit into. Micro-goals meanwhile could be to lose a certain amount of pounds, run an extra distance or manage without a certain food (you can have multiple micro-goals at once).

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