Ask Away...: The Key Ingredients Of A Balanced Diet

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Key Ingredients Of A Balanced Diet

Food is one of life’s pleasures and it’s easy to indulge in the food that isn’t so great. While it may not be good for you, it certainly feels good and tastes good when you choose to go that way. The trouble is that your diet has to have more to it than just the rich, calorie-heavy foods that taste good! A balanced diet requires you to add all the factors you need for good growth, strong bones and a high level of energy.
If your diet is balanced, it’s also proportioned, which means that you’re both eating the right foods and in the right amounts. Believe it or not, proportion matters! You could eat healthy, delicious foods but if you are overeating, you can still be unhealthy. Making sure your diet is balanced doesn’t just help your health but it also ensures your weight stays healthy. So, what is it you need to have a balanced diet?
Carbohydrates. These aren’t evil! So many people cut potatoes, pasta and rice believing that it will help them to lose weight. In the short term, yes, it will, but in the long-term you will regain weight once you add them back in. Carbohydrates are an excellent energy source and if you’re very active, you need them to keep you going.
Vitamins. It’s always smart to support your diet, with the right advice from your doctor. Reading AlgaeCal plant calcium clinical evidence, you can see exactly how calcium supplements can keep your diet balanced and healthy. Multivitamins for Vitamin A, B, C and D will give you overall balance in your diet.
Protein. Mainly from meat, protein can help your hair, skin and nails as well as your muscles. Lean meat is the best place for protein but you can also get it from meat substitutes like Quorn and tofu.
Unsaturated Fats. We need certain fats to have a healthy balance in our diets. Dairy products, meat and fish have unsaturated fats along with nuts, seeds and certain vegetables like avocados. These are great for slow energy releases and absorbing vitamins.
Fibre. We need a good level of fibre for digestion and to keep our cholesterol levels balanced. Cereals, bran-rich foods and vegetables are a good source of fibre so you should ensure your diet is rich in it.
Water. You may be someone who loves their fizzy drinks or hot drinks, but none of these give you the same level of hydration that water does. It’s simple, but water is the best source of goodness your body needs. Brain health, clear skin and energy all come from having good hydration.
These six ingredients are everything you need to keep your diet balanced, healthy and in proportion. Portion plates like this one can help you to balance your food so that you are eating everything you need without overeating it. If you look after your health, your body will look after you and you’ll be less susceptible to illness. Keep it balanced!

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