Ask Away...: 4 Straightforward Money Saving Tips For Car Owners

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

4 Straightforward Money Saving Tips For Car Owners

Driving is a wonderful, liberating thing, but it’s also undeniably expensive - especially if you fall into bad habits. If you’re fed up of money vanishing out of your purse with no exact idea of where it’s going, then let’s get down to examining the cost-cutting methods that all drivers can benefit from. So without further ado, as the title says, here are a few solutions to cut the cost of car ownership right down.

1) Don’t accept your insurance renewal quote.

It feels like this is the kind of thing that you shouldn’t need to say but… it still happens. Mostly for the sake of ease; people get the renewal and think they’ll just let it go. It’s so easy to compare for different quotes and ensure you’re being offered a fair price, so give it 10 minutes online and cut the cost - potentially substantially - with just a few clicks.

2) Wash The Car Yourself

Sure, good car detailing and the occasional wash is nice - but it’s an extra expense that you don’t need to sustain. It’s far more affordable to invest in your own equipment that allows you to do a professional-quality job for yourself. You could put aside the money you would have spent paying others to wash your car, read an electric pressure washer review to ensure you know what you’re getting, and then go and use that saved cash to buy the equipment you need. It’ll save you a fortune in the long run, plus an electric pressure washer will be far friendlier to your car’s paint job than the mechanical brushes of most carwashes.

3) Drive Economically

Basically, start to see the brake as a lever that shoots money from it every time you depress it. When you press the brake, you kill the kinetic energy in your car, meaning that you have to spend more using the gas to get it going again. Wherever possible, don’t brake; instead, take your foot off the gas and use kinetic energy to gradual drift to a stop. This is best used as you approach signals and queues, as these give you plenty of warning so you can slow gradually.

4) Go Gentle

If you’re in the habit of hammering either pedal, you can quickly suffer problems when it comes to getting the best cost per gallon from your car. Be as gentle as possible with the gas, taking advantage of any slopes in the road to help you along if possible. It’s also a good idea to avoid using cruise control unless you can avoid it, as this means you lose control of how much gas is being used. Stick to it for long drives only, when you need it to help avoid an aching foot.

So while car ownership can be expensive, a quick trim and a few changes and you could literally save hundreds of dollars per year. Why not use that saving on gas money and go on the road trip of a lifetime? You and your car have earned it!

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  1. Good read, what some folks just do not get is this is a simple process as long as you do a little bit every day

  2. Don't forget Dash Cams :D Ride Safe!
    For unbaised reviews: pressure washer


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