Ask Away...: 4 Things to Think About Before Buying a Dog

Friday, June 16, 2017

4 Things to Think About Before Buying a Dog

Introducing a new furry family member to your house is exciting, but it does come with a certain level of responsibility. Not only will you be changing your lifestyle for the sake of your new furry friend, but you will need to buy new things, make sure your house is dog-friendly and take out some necessary precautions in case of an accident. Here is my quick guide for things you’ll need to think about before buying a new dog!
Pet insurance
If your pet gets sick, it can cost you a lot of money to help get them better again. Vet bills are expensive, but luckily, pet insurance is out there and available for everybody. If your pet has any ongoing difficulties, your insurance will cover these medical bills, as long as you pay off your policy monthly. Most vet surgeries also offer Pet Plans, where you only pay so much per month to cover flea and worming treatments. This may feel as though you are spending a lot of money, but by paying out for both of these things, you will actually be saving money in the long run. Remember, it’s better to be prepared!
Will you need a dog house?
There are many reasons that your dog will be living outside, and one of these might be that they just prefer to sleep out there! It can be difficult to choose which sort of house will be good for you and your pet, but here is a good dog house review which can help you make a decision and find out more. Some plastic dog houses are great for traveling too and are even airline approved, so if you plan on moving far you know that your dog will be comfortable in their home while on the move.
Your new pooch is going to need somewhere comfortable to sleep, so be sure to buy a bed that is big enough for them. Remember that if you have a puppy, they will definitely grow, so it’s best to get a bed that they can grow into and stretch out in. You will want them to be warm and to have something to snuggle into, and a synthetic sheepskin type material is always a win - it is easily washable, is non-allergenic and resistant to biting and chewing. This material is called vetbed, and is one of the most hygienic dog beds you can get. Be sure to buy two so that when one is in the wash, you can use the other.
Grooming equipment
You will want your dog to be looking and feeling great as much as possible, and one of the easiest ways to do this is by grooming them often. Long-haired dogs will need their fur to be detangled on a daily basis, whereas short-haired dogs will need regular brushing. You may find that visiting a professional dog groomer is sometimes necessary, especially if they get hot in the summer and need to have a proper haircut in order to stay cool!

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