Ask Away...: A Frugal Woman's Guide To Maintaining A Car

Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Frugal Woman's Guide To Maintaining A Car


The world is not a cheap place to live. Unfortunately, we haven’t really got many other options and by many we mean none. You probably know this already, though, that the world is not cheap that is, and this is especially true when it comes to maintaining cars. Even supposedly cheap-middle-of-the-road cars are expensive to run. Unfortunately, we don’t always realize this and we certainly don’t plan for it, which is why a car cost can really sting our monthly budget.
That is why we have been doing a little bit of research recently and made a note of the top pieces of advice when it comes to frugally maintaining your car. Here are the best of the bunch.
Embrace The Older Car
Some stereotypes don’t break so easy, which is certainly the case for so many older cars. There is still this belief that cars beyond the 100,000-mile mark are bad investments because they will constantly break down and require big bucks to be spent on them. But that’;s not the case anymore. According to our research, more and more cars are cruising past the 200,000-mile mark, which is a testament to better build quality. What we are saying is, don’t sell your car and have to buy another one before its time is up. Keep it going and save yourself some money.
Free Diagnosis
One of the things that leaped out at us during our research frenzy was that some places - Autozone and Advanced Auto - will hook your engine up to one of their computers and perform a diagnostics test for free. Most other places do charge you at least $70 for that service. We’re not saying you have to go to these places. What we are saying is you should phone up your local garage and see if they will do it for free too. Then you can decide whether you do the maintenance required yourself or have them do it for you. Alternatively, as you can check your engine light for free yourself. Voila.
Routines Must Be Regular
The worst thing you can do is skip routines. Rotating your tires, oil change, servicing; all of these things are cheap to do but could cost you a small fortune down the road if they are ignored. So, instead of burying your head in the sand, why not add these things to your budget so they don’t sting you unexpectedly. If you look on you can see exactly how much a specific service or oil change will cost you based on your car’s make and model. No more surprises. The more you stick to the advised routine the better it will be for your wallet.
Fix It Right Away
You’ll be surprised at how fast a $120 problem can become a $1200 nightmare if it isn’t seen to straight away. We know what it is like. You hear a clunk, you have a look - first at your car, then at your bank account - take it in to be looked at, get told it will cost you $120, which is when you decide to hang on until the end of the month. But by the time that paycheck is in the problem is now in the thousands. If it is broken then fix it. You’ll only kick yourself later.

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