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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bumps In The Road... Getting Pregnant

There’s never a perfect time, they say, but you know when it feels right. You’ve talked it over with your partner, and the time has come to get pregnant. Now, this could be where the fun starts, but you don’t need to be told that it’s a long and difficult road for some people to get pregnant, or have a rough pregnancy. So here are some of the things you should do to make sure that you can conceive.

It’s not just down to the woman to get healthy, but the man, often overlooked, needs to be at peak health for any chance of there being healthy sperm. This means cutting out tobacco, having a low amount of alcohol, and having a decent multivitamin. But this is no replacement for a healthy diet. The women need supplements of course, and not just the folic acid, but zinc for your everyday health as well as a selection of minerals. Caffeine is the big one to cut down on, but the rules change all the time with this one. So it’s best to stick to one cup of coffee a day, or if you really need that second cup, try and space it out far enough. Caffeine stays in your system for twelve hours so if you don’t need that second coffee, don’t have it.

There are plenty of apps available to track your ovulation cycles, but if your periods are irregular, you could find it difficult to track this, in which case you should go to your healthcare provider. Sometimes, the difficulty in getting pregnant might be down to an underlying fertility problem. This is nothing to worry about because there are plenty of options for the modern couple to have a child, it’s just that it takes a bit more time. A very common solution is IVF, and there are plenty of IVF doctors who can give specialist advice, but the cost of IVF is something you will need to take into account, as it can be quite a sum upfront if you haven’t got any savings. Going through something like IVF can be stressful as you may feel that you only have a couple of goes, which isn’t good for you, and as you are stressed, it can have an impact on your body and its ability to conceive.

Yes, it can be incredibly upsetting if can't conceive, but you need to know that there are options out there for you, and not just IVF, but things like egg donors, ICSI, and adoption. Conceiving naturally has many factors, age being a big one, as the quality and the quantity of the egg are reduced the more you get closer to the menopause. But even if you're a healthy young woman, the worry of not being able to conceive can impact on you just as much if you have a yearning for a little baby. But, rest assured, there are ways around the issue, and you have many options at your disposal.


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