Ask Away...: Buying A New Car? Here Are The People You Need To Consult

Friday, June 2, 2017

Buying A New Car? Here Are The People You Need To Consult

Investing in a new car often feels like a personal experience. After all, it’s your money and soon to be your car. As a result, lots of buyers go it alone and don’t ask for help. Although it’s commendable, it’s also a little na├»ve. Let’s face it – there is a lot you don’t know about cars. There is also a lot you don’t know about the people that sell vehicles. Put these two facts together and you have a serious gap in your knowledge. However, if you talk to the right people, you can quickly and easily bridge that gap.
The trick is to talk to the people that have the knowledge and expertise that you don’t possess. Are you struggling to think of any candidates? Don’t worry because below there are seven people you can talk to straight off the bat.
Your Accountant
Buying a new motor is an expensive venture, so you want to know you have the funds available. There are plenty of instances of people who thought they had the money only to realize it was a big mistake. The last thing anyone wants is to cut their losses and lose out, which is where an accountant comes in handy. Of course, the info is easy to come across, so you could do it alone. However, the odds are high that you will make a mistake, or not cover every base. With a professional, you know what they say is the truth because they exhaust every possibility. If they say you can afford it, congratulations! If they say you can’t, it’s time to hit up a bar for a few drinks to commiserate. Of course, you might not have an accountant on retainer, but most accept walk-ins.
The Bank
A maths whizz is a good place to start, but their opinion isn’t law. Just because you don’t have the money in your account doesn’t mean you can’t afford a new car. What it means is that you currently don’t have the funds, but you can acquire them from a lender. Banks are more than willing to give you the cash as long as you meet the requirements. And, the good news is that you can pay the money back in installments to limit the damage. However, it’s essential that you can afford the loan in the first place. Loans are a big influx of money, and the cost only rises thanks to interest. Plus, the bank isn’t like lending from a family member or a friend. When they say they want the money, you best give them the money. Otherwise, you might lose more than a fancy car.
Accident Lawyer
Calling up Ben Bronston & Associates and arranging a meeting doesn’t seem like a typical move. The truth is it isn’t normal, yet that doesn’t make it wrong. One thing that every buyer has in common is safety. Nowadays, your security while in the car is more important than looks and running costs. People are more aware of their mortality than ever before, and it’s scary. As a result, you and everyone else in the market want the safest car as possible. The only problem is that you don’t have the first clue, and it’s impossible to learn because it’s very complex. Enter a car accident lawyer. With their years of experience, an attorney can explain what to look for and what to avoid. They see accidents every day, so they know what features are the difference between life and death. Who else do you know that are experts in the field?
A Mechanic
The main issue with buying a car is paying for an old banger that looks brand new. Some people refer to it as mutton dressed as lamb, and it’s a real problem. No one wants ripping off, yet it’s hard to avoid because most of us aren’t car enthusiasts. Even if we are, there is only so much one can learn about what goes on under the hood. And, the dealerships are good at hiding it because they have been for years. All of this might make finding a quality motor impossible, but it isn’t with a mechanic by your side. They can tell you what to spot and how the car should feel. They can even educate you on the noises that you want to hear. As long as you take it for a test drive, you can put it all into practice and avoid making a mistake.
A Sales Rep
It’s no secret that sales reps have plenty of tricks up their sleeves, and they use these methods when negotiating. For the most part, people like you end up on the wrong side of their games and lose out as a result. You want the best deal, which is why it’s time to fight back. All it takes is a working knowledge of their sales tactics and you won’t get caught cold. For example, did you know that a salesperson will jack up the initial price and lower it back down to the retail value? Although it seems like they’re giving you a good deal, you are back to square one. Ex reps have plenty to say about their devious past, and they are willing to talk. A quick internet search will provide you with all the info you need so that you can fight fire with fire.
The biggest mistake almost every buyer makes is only dealing with one seller. You head down to the local dealership, view the inventory, and haggle. Although it’s an excellent start, it is only a start. To find the real bargains, you need to shop around as many dealerships as possible. The reasons are as follows. Firstly, every seller is different so they might have a deal that you wouldn’t know of otherwise. Secondly, you can use their competitive nature to your advantage. All you have to do is walk into a rival showroom and show them a quote from a competitor. Before you know it the war will begin and the prices will drop.
At the end of the day, they are businesses that need new customers.  

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  1. Wish I had this post last month!! I just bought my first car and it was the most stressful and tiresome process ever. These are great tips!

    xo, Allie

    1. It is definitely an exhausting thing to have to deal with.


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