Ask Away...: Cars vs Motorcycles: Which Is Better?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cars vs Motorcycles: Which Is Better?

The majority of people choose to buy a car as their primary mode of transport. However, you do get a select few that opt for a motorcycle instead. Often, motorcyclists will claim their choice of vehicle is the best. They say cars can’t compete with motorcycles, and you’re wasting your money by getting one.
What I thought we’d do is look at each vehicle side by side and compare their benefits to see which one comes out on top. Take a look at what I found down below:

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Most people choose to buy cars because they’re a much safer option. Just look at the way both vehicles are constructed. Cars are fully enclosed and equipped with airbags to give you extra protection when you crash. Motorcycles don’t have this protection, and any motorcycle accident attorney will tell you that this leads to severe injuries when crashes occur. You could get into a small crash in a car that leaves no one injured, but the same crash in a motorcycle may leave you hurt.
Another benefit of cars is that they have more space inside them. This means you can easily drive four, five, even seven people around at once. With a motorcycle, you’re only ever going to have a maximum of two people riding at the same time.
Thirdly, cars have generally larger fuel tanks which mean you can drive them for longer distances without needing to refuel. This can be a bonus for people that regularly drive long distances every day as it means you’re not disrupted by regular fuel stops.
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Motorcycles may have a reputation for being quite dangerous, but they do have plenty of benefits. For one, they’re quicker than cars and can accelerate a lot faster through traffic. You will easily get from A to B faster while riding a motorcycle as you can accelerate passed traffic.
Another huge benefit is that motorcycles are slender and can be driven through traffic jams. While all the cars are sat stationary, a motorcycle can slowly go between the cars and make it’s way to the front. In fact, motorcyclists are encouraged to go straight to the front of any traffic queue as they’re really fast and it’s safer if they have a clear stretch of road with no cars in front of them. Plus, their smallness allows you to park a motorcycle pretty much anywhere and not have to drive around looking for parking spaces. They’re also a lot easier to park as a result too.
Now, they may have smaller fuel tanks, but they’re much cheaper to run. If you add up the costs of running a car compared to running a motorcycle, the latter comes out on top all the time. So, it could save you money over time if you own a motorcycle.
So, which is better? If you’re a family person that needs a big vehicle to drive lots of people around safely, then a car is undoubtedly the winner. But, if you want something to drive fast and provide some thrills, you might want to consider a motorcycle.

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