Ask Away...: Exercise Errors You Need to Avoid

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Exercise Errors You Need to Avoid

If you’re fairly new to the world of exercise and fitness, then you may be about to make a bunch of mistakes that will really hinder your progress. This is a quick guide to making sure you get the most out of your fitness plans!

Too much too soon

The reason that so many people drop their fitness regimes way too quickly? Because they put way too much on their plate at the starting line and end up tiring themselves out really quickly. A lot of people try to go from zero to a hundred - after spending their lives doing minimal exercise, they’ll decide to go for an hour-long run. When they can’t do it, they become disheartened. This is something you should ease yourself into. Don’t expect too much from yourself too soon if you haven’t dedicated much time to fitness before!

Pushing it

So many people end up injuring themselves because they simply pushed it too far. Yes, exercise should be about testing and pushing your limits. It’s by doing this that you expand those limits - which is simply another way of saying that you’ll become faster and stronger! But you should take care not to submit to too literal a “no pain, no gain” approach. If you injure yourself, then you risk putting yourself in a position where you can’t exercise well for a very long time. Most people who have gotten incredibly fit through exercise didn’t do it by hitting the gym every day - be sure to take strategic rests, and keep yourself well-fed and hydrated.

Not getting help if you need it

There are a lot of individuals and businesses that can help you out with your exercise regime if you need it. Those who are focused solely on exercise and fitness can be of tremendous help, and many of them are tailored for specific situations. Let’s say you’re married and you’re having to deal with the busy lifestyle that entails; there are resources out there such as Fit Marriage that area designed to deal with this. Your doctor may be able to assess you to ensure that you’re not engaging in a regime that might end up doing more harm than good. A nutritionist will be able to assess you to ensure you’re on the right diet for the combination of your current weight and health and the fitness regime you’ve chosen.

Thinking it’s all about weight

For a lot of people, a fitness regime is basically all about weight loss. While weight loss is an important part of many exercise approaches, it shouldn’t be the only goal. After all, do people who reach a healthy weight stop exercising? No, and it’s not only because they don’t want to put that weight back on. The fact is that someone who is a healthy weight may not be all that healthy if they don’t exercise. They’re allowing their heart and other muscles to weaken at a faster rate if they don’t keep up their strength through exercise. A fitness regime is about living a longer, happier, less stressful life by taking care of various functions of the body. In other words, if you want to slow the deterioration that comes with age, then keep exercising!

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