Ask Away...: How To Nail That Promotion At Work

Friday, June 16, 2017

How To Nail That Promotion At Work

If you are struggling to survive on your current salary, it is time to start looking at both your outgoings and your income. There is plenty of advice out there on what you can do to reduce your monthly bills and there are plenty of ways in which you can make your money go further.
However, this will only go so far and most people need a large injection of cash at some stage! The situation is worse if you are trying to pay off debt or if you have taken on more financial commitment such as a large mortgage or high rent.
Statistics show very clearly that people who have more qualifications earn more. Therefore, if you have reached the ceiling for your level of qualifications it is time that you considered taking some more. You will be surprised at how varied and how enjoyable learning as an adult can be.
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Transferable qualifications are useful for any job

Some qualifications are useful in many jobs. They are vital in all workplaces and useful to all employers. Many workplaces are required to have a qualified first aider on site and this qualification could lead to you being offered roles ahead of your colleagues. A qualification in CPR is an ideal portable qualification. It will make your CV stand out and give you the best chance of being awarded the higher salaried posts.
Management roles attract the higher salaries so climbing up the promotion ladder is good for your finances. When you have a first aid qualification it shows that you can take charge of a situation, lead a team and delegate effectively. These are all attributes that are required in a management role.
If you have used your own time to gain a qualification it demonstrates that you are committed to doing your job well and committed to the organization that you work for. Employers will be impressed by this and you will be considered as a candidate for the higher paid posts.

Gain the experience that your employer values

Less experienced employees do not earn as much as their more experienced colleagues. If you can gain useful and relevant experience you can start to apply for the more responsible posts that come with the higher salaries. Ask if you can shadow a senior colleague for a few days to get an insight into what they do. Offer to take on a project. You could manage it with supervision from a senior member of staff. Ask if you could lead a small team in order to get a particular task, project or report completed. You could even offer to chair a meeting or a working group. All of this counts as management experience.
In some workplaces, you may have the chance to arrange a conference or put together a workshop. This requires an impressive set of skills and the experience will look great on your CV!

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