Ask Away...: Preparing Your Pet for an RV Trip

Monday, June 26, 2017

Preparing Your Pet for an RV Trip

Family vacations are not just for people. Pets love to be on the road and, if you do it right, traveling in an RV with your pooch can be fun.

First, consider going to the vet. A check-up will not only make sure your pet has no health problems but that their vaccinations are up to date. You can also talk about issues such as canine car sickness and the risks of fleas or ticks while on the road. A veterinarian can provide helpful advice, but then it is time to pack all the items that will be needed.

Packing the RV

An RV rented from Outdoorsy has plenty of room. Accommodating all the things your pet will need during a vacation is therefore not a problem. Make sure you are fully stocked on food, treats, and water. Portable bowls for food and water are a must; for a vehicle, anti-spill bowls are ideal because they won’t make a mess.

Also, be sure to take along the pet’s bed, so they have something familiar around them, and not to mention toys. An old towel will come in handy when they come in after the rain or a swim. Paper towels and carpet cleaner are items you never know when will come in handy. These can help you clean up dirt tracked in or any mess a nervous or excited pet may leave behind.

A leash is required in many places. Local restrictions can vary, but leashes should usually be a maximum of six feet. Longer ones are good for hikes or open areas. Other items to take along include plastic bags for picking up after your pets, medications, supplements, insect repellent, and a first aid kit.


If traveling with your pet, you’ll need the most up-to-date identification tags with your cell phone number. Campgrounds, dog parks, and kennels often require proof of vaccinations, in addition to pet health records. Take along a photo of the pet as well. It is easy for one to wander off on a campground; a picture will enable you to help others find them or to create posters to pass around.

Safety and Security

Keeping a dog or cat on your lap, or letting a pet roam freely in a vehicle is a bad idea. They should be in a seat belt harness or carrier designed for pets. Never leave pets alone in a separate camper pulled by the RV. Strapping them in will protect pets from being a distraction, potentially leading to an accident, or from being hurt if there is a collision.

This is also a good way to prevent a pet from getting lost. A dog or cat can jump out of an open door very quickly. It’s much harder for them to do so if they are in a harness or carrier. By staying vigilant at all times, there is the reality of an enjoyable trip and that you and your pets will make it home together. Pack right, bring all identification documents along and stay safe and an RV trip is an adventure of a lifetime for people and pets.


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