Ask Away...: Simple Ways To Train Your Puppy

Monday, June 5, 2017

Simple Ways To Train Your Puppy

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There are few things as exciting as bringing home a new puppy. Not only are they just the cutest little things to look at, we know we are nurturing an animal that is going to be an integral and much loved member of our families for many years to come. However, taking on a puppy comes with its own set of problems and training a puppy properly, is notoriously difficult to do.
So we are here today to give you some really simple tips that will have your dog obedient and well disciplined, with just a little hard work and dedication, in no time at all.
Be The Boss
It is all too easy to turn a little mushy and a little soft, when it comes to our puppies and dogs. However, we are not doing them, or ourselves, any favours by being too soft wired. Dogs by nature are actually really susceptible to follow a ‘pack leader’. That is exactly how we should be positioning ourselves, as our dogs pack leader. Being strong, consistent and stable are all important traits for new puppy owners as dogs need proper discipline and a sturdy master in order to be able to behave well.
Puppies can sense how confident we are and they are able to cleverly take advantage of us if they perceive our confidence levels as weak. So as cute and adorable as your new puppy is, you must intend to start as you go on, by being loving yet stern and strong, with a no-nonsense approach in order to develop a healthy and well balanced dog. You must be the master from day one.
Dog Walking
Exercising your new puppy is essential. You must be engaging their energetic nature in a highly pragmatic way and the best way to do this is by taking your dog for regular walks.
As we already talked about the importance of being the pack leader, the first step on nurturing an obedient dog is to make sure that you are walking in front of your dog. Walking in front of your dog reinforces to your dog, that you are the pack leader. If your dog is dragging you around on the walk then he is the pack leader. So you should be focused on getting your dog to either walk behind, or at least beside you.
A dog training collar is also a great way to train your puppy up to be obedient on your daily walks. However training collars for dogs is not a one-size-fits-all approach, you need to research very carefully which models best suit which breed and size of dog, so spend a little time researching the best model for your dog, or consult your local veterinary clinic.
House Training
From day one you are going to have to make sure that your puppy has a set and safe place to relieve himself. House training is actually surprisingly easy as the regularity of conditioning this concept becomes inbred in their natural programming. Use a reward system to let your puppy know when he has done well and over time you will see he will become house trained in a surprisingly short amount of time.

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