Ask Away...: What Are Your Car's Hidden Costs?

Thursday, June 1, 2017

What Are Your Car's Hidden Costs?

Have you noticed that we live in a highly vehicular world? It is astonishing to think that most people don’t even consider walking into town when they can drive a car instead. Unfortunately, at the same time as you drive, you generate high pollution. More importantly, your car does cost a lot of money that is not easy to justify. Naturally safety, new tech gadgets and new makes will have a financial impact on the car price. However, it is a little worrying to consider that, given the price of a car, your favorite mean of transportation is actively destroying the planet and the future of the wildlife. Nevertheless, most people find it difficult to imagine their life without a car. This is surprising because, with careful considerations, there are plenty of options not to use the car. You could use public transport. You could ride a bicycle. You could even jog to town. So, instead of trying to convince you to drop the car, it’s best to have a look at the hidden costs of a car.

It Could Cost Your Life Or Someone Else’s

Having a car puts you at risk of getting into a crash. This might sound simplistic, yet every day thousands of people have a car accident for a variety of reasons. Some were too busy using their smartphone to pay attention to the road; others didn’t see the traffic light change color; others had to hit the brakes suddenly when a dog ran onto the road, and some might have been drinking too much to drive. Car accidents are never fun, and they can have dramatic consequences. Being injured as the result of a collision will mean that you need the help of professional car accident lawyers to work out the settlements and find a suitable compensation. Additionally, a settlement often begins with an offer from the car insurance of the third party Working with lawyers ensures that you can benefit from the highest possible monetary compensation. Sounds good? Now imagine you were the one who caused the accident.

It Could Drive You Directly Into Debts

Cars can be expensive to maintain, especially if you have an old car that requires constant repairs and fixes. It will be a constant spend in your household budget. Additionally, settling for a cheap car insurance cover might mean that you might have to pay for repairs on your car or the third party’s car. In other words, you may have to struggle with a debt situation. This can be done even worse if you find yourself unable to pay to fix your car, while still needing it to work.

It Could Cost Your Sanity

Have you heard of traffic jam syndrome? It is a form of anxiety that affects drivers who are stuck in traffic jams. Being constantly submitted to traffic jams, as it is the case for people working in crowded areas, can have long-term impacts on your mental health. Common disorders rank from irritation, fatigue to panic attacks. But more importantly, the components of air pollution – resulting from traffic jam – has been proven to alter your DNA. As a result, people can experience mental and physical disorders that are likely to affect future generations too.


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