Ask Away...: What's Not Fit To Feed A Dog?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

What's Not Fit To Feed A Dog?

If dogs are one thing - they are eating machines. From the tiny and yappy Yorkshire Terrier to the strong, large and proud St. Bernard - they all share a similar trait and that is the fact that they are always down for dinner. They don't need much persuading to have a bite to eat - and they pretty much always want what lies on our plate! In fact, the doggy desire to eat is so big, that when they aren't into food - we can immediately tell that all isn't right. Dogs love food - dogs need food - it might be that their whole lives revolved around food; and tummy rubs, of course.
But, hold your horses - don't get up and start feeding your dog the contents of your fridge! There is that saying that goes something like 'that's not fit to feed a dog' - in reference to awful food. It might be light-hearted in origin and jokey in nature, but it's true. There are some things that you simply cannot feed to a dog. Some of these foods are obvious, some aren't - and they will always be something we eat. What you feed your dog is something that you as a dog owner really need to pay attention to.
So, what isn't fit to feed your dog? Alcohol, chocolate, candy, and sugar are the obvious foods we need to keep out of the dog bowl, but there are plenty of foods that you might not know about that are toxic to dogs. Avocados, for example, can cause heart issues in dogs. Onions and Garlic can cause some severe problems as well. Coffee is just as toxic as chocolate - and corn on the cob is a no-no; it can block the gut and become a fatal problem. It's worth keeping your dog away from anything you'd eat. Just as a safety measure - human foods can be too rich for dogs. This includes any fat that is cut from food, a lot of fish, gravies, wines, grapes and other things we tend to eat a lot. You might want to avoid giving your dog milk as well - they do lap it up, but they can’t handle it and this can lead to a lot of messy issues.
If that's the case, with all these bad and toxic foods, what's the best food for your dog? Well, peanut butter is great - fully cooked fresh chicken is also a great dog food. You can feed a dog apples, but only if you take care at coring them and removing every trace of the poisonous seeds. Eggs are also amazing for dogs - mixing up an egg can give your dog a lot of protein, just make sure this one is fully cooked.
A lot of foods can be dangerous to dogs - so always check before feeding them and if the vet says no, then it is a no! What you love to eat isn’t always going to be suitable for your loyal hound, so keep your food on your plate!

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