Ask Away...: 3 Fun and Productive Things for When the Kids Go Back to School

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

3 Fun and Productive Things for When the Kids Go Back to School

Summer can be a crazy time around the house with all the kids home from school.

It certainly keeps you busy, but after the first few weeks, you usually get into the swing of things.

You learn how to take care of your usual agenda while entertaining your children and keeping them out of (too much) trouble.

That’s why when it’s time for them to go back to school, often there is a void left with all the extra time and space that suddenly frees up.

It’s important as a mom to stay productive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun, too.

Now that summer break is rapidly coming to an end, here are 3 fun and productive things to do for when the kids go back to school.

Home Decorating

There is no better time to revamp and improve your home’s style than with a little extra time during the day. A well decorated home not only looks great, it makes you feel great, too.

You have a wide variety of options when it comes to changing the design of your home’s interior. Some will give you more space, others offer a more intimate feel, and then there are ones to make you feel more calm.

With the kids out at school, you have the perfect opportunity to feng shui up your home, which usually leads to a more relaxed, productive environment for everyone.

Improve Your Finances With a Side Hustle

Wait a minute, working on your finances can be productive and fun? Yes, actually, depending on the situation you are in.

No doubt improving your finances will allow you to have more fun and feel less guilty when indulging on a night out or even ordering-in Chinese. But, you can also have fun while getting your finances in order, too.

That’s where side hustles come into play. There are plenty of options out there. From photography to freelance writing, or starting a pet sitting business to investing with stocks.

Anytime you are thinking about starting up a new venture, make sure you are well-versed and educated on the field you’re getting into.

For example, before you start playing with penny stocks, you might want to learn from an expert such as Timothy Sykes. The Timothy Sykes millionaire challenge has helped plenty of other hopeful investors, and no doubt can help you, too.

A side hustle can be extremely fun, productive, and rewarding – just don’t jump in without a plan.

Sell on Poshmark

Speaking of side hustles, one calls out to most moms that’s worthy of discussing individually: selling clothes on Poshmark.

Plenty of moms have made a killing selling their own clothes, their husband’s clothes, and their children’s clothes, too.

Poshmark is as simple as creating an account, setting up your “closet”, taking pictures of your unneeded clothes, and then earning money. It’s the perfect activity to do during the day and has some great reward with very little risk.

Staying Productive While Having Fun

There are lots of ways to fill the void left by your kids when they go back to school, even though you really just want to be spending time with them.

With the 3 options you learned above, you can find plenty of ways to stay productive while still having a good bit of fun.

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